Thursday, March 11, 2010

On Our Windy Wednesday..

..these are some of the projects that the girls have been working on….

Penny worked on this baby quilt…


When I saw what Penny was working on I got excited as I have this same Bunny Tales Fabric at home in my stash!  (I don’t know the name of it??..but these squares came as a big panel and it came in blue or green…and I bought the green) I have had my fabric for 2 or 3 years and I didn’t know what to do with it…Now I have been inspired!! Don’t you just love when that happens…!!  I can’t wait to get home to dig out this fabric!!   Love this sweet little quilt…


Here is the pattern….


..which came from this the hunt is on!!  I am positive my local library has this edition! 


Pauline has been working on this gorgeous fence rail which she is making as a gift for her brother.

P1060541 P1060542

Her brother is going to be thrilled!!


Gwen and Judy found this fabric and pattern when we all went to the opening of the new Quilt shop, Quilter’s Faire.  Gorgeous fabric! (And I love our little field trips!!)


It’s taking shape…



Here is the finished table topper!  Gwen is hand quilting hers.  I thought you’d like to see the back…isn’t it sweet.  She put the label print as a border all around the tablecloth.  Very effective!


  Here is Gwen explaining how she is going to quilt teacups onto the wide outside border.  I just love this quilt!!P1060822

Dorothy is making a garden trellis quilt for her bed…I envy the women who live in park models as they all have a sewing ‘area’ and can get so much more done during the week.  When I sew in the 5th Wheel my husband has to stay in the ‘living room’ as the ironing board, cutting board and sewing machine take over every space available..not a pretty picture!  It’s hand stitching for me!


This Wednesday, Dorothy worked on her borders…I’m sure it will be all finished by next week! ;o)


Dorothy is so pleased with the new light that she bought for her sewing machine…do you see how it is stuck to the side of her machine and then the plug is wired to the back and goes down to the plug. She loves it –says that it feels like she is putting on her glasses as she can finally SEE!


Dorothy also LOVES this book- calls it her bible!!  Brings it with her to all Wednesday sew-ins!


In fact, someone wanted to know what size quilt fit a King size bed, so Dorothy pulled out her bible…presto…P1060548    Remember this quilt?  Well Dorothy had it machine quilted by a local lady…    


Dorothy is just thrilled with this quilt and is sure her grand-daughter is going to love it!  We all agree!!  Stunning!


The quilting is done in variegated thread in a pansy design.  Just lovely!


Anne has been working away on this quilt (in between wallets, bags and spiral runners! ) Each square is paper pieces…


AND presto…it’s taking shape!!  It’s going to be a stunner!

P1060830 P1060831  YIKES!!  Now Anne will need to pull off all those strips of paper…a good job to do while watching TV!


See this pile of strips?  Well Gwen is slowly turning them into these…

P1060834  …these little guys..they are smaller than that 4x6 photo of the quilt that these shapes will form.  They are all paper pieced but Gwen is using a light weight pellon instead of paper so that she won’t have to pull it off.  Gwen has promised to bring the finished quilt back to show us next year!!  I just love the colours that she is using!!

P1060837  Our group of quilters is slowly getting smaller as Spring approaches…Pauline leaves tomorrow and Calgary Judy left on Tuesday.  Most of the other quilters leave at the end of March…sad that our holiday is almost over, yet happy to be going home…!  Me?  We don’t leave till April 6th and then it’s off to New Mexico where we will poke around looking for quilt shops sights of interest! 

…Dare I say it - very softly…the sun is hot and NO WIND!!  I need to brush the sand off the ol’ bathing suit and head to the pool!!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting


  1. I have a copy of that magazine with the Bunny Tales quilt...I just need to search and find it for you!
    It snowed here this morning!

  2. Love all the quilts the ladies are working on. Such fun to quilt together.


  3. What a talented and creative group. Always enjoy seeing the colours that different people choose for their projects.

  4. Love all your quilts. I also have the magazine you will be searching for when you return. Just give me a call. Dorothy's quilt looks lovely. I just love brilliant colors.

  5. Those quilts look fabulous! I especially love Anne's one. Its definitely a stunning one!

  6. Amazing talent in your group! Many beautiful patterns and fabrics.

  7. Eye candy, or what! Then I got sidetracked with the post below and left without commenting so I'm back again!!
    If you're interested the Bunny Tales illustrations are from the story books of Beatrix Potter- generations of british children have grown up on them! As did we, I think I still have all my battered old books! Wonderful stories, wonderful illustrations too!
    The Fence rails interested me because I've only seen it as each square graduated stripes, I like this version and might try it.
    The teacup fabric- I WANT! The trellis quilt I'm going to see if I can find a similar pattern as I think its just lovely...the light and book I've written down to add to my wish list, and the Rainbow quilt is just the icing on this post- it is FABULOUSO!!
    So, thank you, my verybadinfluence friend!!

  8. The ladies are doing so many beautiful and complicated quilts. If you don´t get that magazine at your library let me know, I am sure I have it. I bought the magazine for a few years.

  9. Wow, some beautiful quilts in the making! Thanks for sharing. Do you know the name of the pattern that the last quilt is? I love, love, love it! Thanks for any info you can share.