Monday, March 8, 2010

Milking a Great Little Quilt Show….

Yes, we are STILL at the Desert Guild’s Quilt Show in Palm Springs!!  I know, I know…you’re saying this is the THIRD day!!  But I still have plenty to share…like this quilt.

This quilt was a labour of love from the ladies in a Quilt Guild to one of their members who was going through her third bout of cancer. It shows a lady in the various stages of cancer…head with wisps, different hats and scarves, being bald, with stubble and so forth.

P1060710 - Copy

This is what Phyllis had to say about her quilt…

P1060711 - Copy

This is the poem that was sewn into one of the squares…how sweet is that!!  You just know that Phyllis must be a remarkable lady and I wish her well!  (Personally I don’t think I would like a reminder of when I was sick, had no hair and was fighting for my life…so I think you have to be careful here..)

P1060712 - Copy

I really liked this simple baby quilt…but what made it sing was the border and the mitred corners.  Just lovely…

P1060716 - Copy

Some appliqué…effective, isn’t it?

P1060717 - Copy

A churn dash quilt but look at the borders…love the little churn dash in each corner…it’s those little things that make a quilt pop!

P1060718 - Copy 

What little boy wouldn’t LOVE this quilt?!  Amazing! (There is that little touch that makes this quilt scream out LOOK AT ME…do you see it…the road separating the cars, trucks and buses- LOVE it!!)

P1060720 - Copy  P1060722 - Copy     P1060728 - Copy

I LOVED this scrappy quilt!!  What amazes me most about scrappy quilts is they look incredible from a distance…

   P1060731 - Copy get close up and look at the really is made of scraps!  And look at the hand quilting!!  I LOVED the total package of this quilt!

P1060734 - Copy

I really liked this quilting table…small but totally do-able –even in your living room, as it is so pretty!!  Just pull up a chair and start stitching…do you think it would fit under my bed?

P1060735 - Copy

Another scrappy one…

 P1060736 - Copy

A Dresden plate…so pretty!

P1060708 - Copy

See the cream quilt hanging in the background?   I LOVE this quilt but it was the prize in a raffle…I asked the harpist if I could take his picture so that I could get a picture of the quilt!!  (we quilters will go to get lengths to get a snap of a quilt we LOVE)…after I took this picture the man motioned me closer and asked if I shouldn’t retake the picture as the glare on his glasses might detract from the picture…I assured him that he looked great…too cute!! ;o)

BUT look at THAT quilt!!  Look at the pumpkin border inside and out…LOVE IT!!  Yeah, and the harpist is pretty cute too…if you can get passed the glare…!

P1060721 - Copy

So that ends the show!!  Whew!!  I hope it was as good for you, as it was for me!  Now…. play it again, Sam!

Have a merry Monday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. Wow, I can't believe that raffle quilt - it's an heirloom!!!! I LOVE the scrappy bow tie one as well. I'll have to keep that in mind, it's just that little bit nicer than simple 4 patches in a chain. Thanks for bringing us the show!

  2. Like we would ever get sick of looking at quilts, lol.
    Our folk store is having their 30% off this week, so need to think of what I want before I head down. They do have the new french general in.


  3. another super post, Thanks! I adore the chemo quilt and the boy truck one!

  4. Love these so much - and love that poem on the quilt for Phyllis!

  5. There's some lovely quilts there. California must be full of very talented quilters.

  6. The churn dash quilt is awesome.