Saturday, March 6, 2010

What? ANOTHER Quilt Show?

Yesterday I went to the Desert Guilds Quilt Show in Palm Springs with my quilting buddy. Pauline.  YES, another show!!  Bet you’re wonder what’s with all the shows?  Yeah, me too…I think it’s because this area has such a strong quilting community.  And believe me I am LOVING IT!!

I am going to start the show with one of my favourites. This quilt has everything…pinwheel, stars, square in a square, applique and yo-yos…did I hear some ahhhhhs….


I also LOVED this one for it’s simplicity and for the quilting!!  Stunning!


Blue snowballs…


With gorgeous quilting…


Beautiful hand quilting…


Little side displays all over…loving it!   P1060673 P1060674 P1060675 P1060676

Remember this quilt from the Road to California…here we could get up nice and close and personal!!  Exquisite!  (At the Road to Cal. it was roped off.)



Look at how the people are slightly puffy…


The quilter who made this quilt also made this 3 dimensional quilt…beautiful!


Every show has a chicken or two…look at the egg border- perfect or what!


P1060679  Several quilts were made by men…I don’t know.. do you think we should let them into OUR exclusive club? :o) ha ha… When they quilt like this fella I think it’s a given!!  I wish my camera picked up his quilting…it made this quilt look like a woven basket..LOVED IT!!P1060681  A patriotic quilt…using variegated stitching for the stars…lovely! P1060684 P1060685

There were several sampler quilts..


Hand embroidered quilts…


Some 1930’s reproductions…lovely…


I loved this quilt…kaleidoscope or stack and whack…reminded me of Christmas candies!


There were several framed appliqués…which I thought was a great idea!  After all they are a work of art!


There were several walls covered in little quilts!!


OOPS!  I’m out of room…I will have to show you the rest tomorrow!!  I don’t want to blow up my computer!!  :o)  (If I try to post too many pictures it takes FOREVER..) 

Today we are off to the Clubhouse for breakfast and then maybe a little GSing…now this is my kind of holiday!!

Have a super Saturday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. I love Quilt show season. It starts in my part of the world the end of March. I will only have 3 wall quilts in it that I know of. YEA!
    Thanks again for sharing the show pictures. We had one show where no PHOTO's were allowed, like I could duplicate the beautiful work of those ladies...

  2. Wonderful quilts. I love the black one with the foral applique, really stunning with the black background.
    We have a show next month, can't wait for that and hoping they have more vendors this time.


  3. Are you really vacationing? You will have to come home for a rest. Really enjoy your blog. The quilt show had some wonderful quilts, and heh! the men who quilt are very detailed in their work. I wish I could emulate some of them but I am okay with my own. I did pay more attention to the wool quilts at the craft & sewing show in Puyallup. Lots of wool fabric/pattern vendors.

  4. Wow, what terrifuc quilts! I think it is so cool that men are quilting AND showing their quilts at a show!!

  5. Thanks for sharing but I laughed when you asked about men quilters!! OMG...I know of so many and learned a book is coming out from Joe Cunningham called Men Who Quilt. (one for the guys right?) How fun the chicken quilt was!

  6. Always love a good quilt show. The variety is inspiring and always a good place to see the different quilting patterns used on the quilts. Can never remember them all when it comes time to quilt!

  7. thank you as always for showing us your adventures, Love it all. i can be here for hours!

  8. I OBVIOUSLY live in the wrong part of the country! I love that Oriental quilt - wow. Wow wow wow.

  9. I also love the kaleidoscope quilt, thanks for sharing.

  10. Thanks you for taking the time to post all of those wonderful pictures for us to enjoy!! All of the quilts were beautiful!! I think the chicken and egg one is interesting...sort of a reminder that women at one time used "their" egg and butter money for purchasing fabric?

  11. Ha! we have 4 men in out quilt guild and just the other month we had another male guest speaker.

  12. I am so enjoying your blogging about your quilt show trip..thanks for sharing