Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Santa Spotted….

..holidaying on the desert!!  Yes, there were definite “Ho Ho Ho’s” coming from our trailer last night as I stitched this ‘not so jolly’, fat man down!


Old Santa looks a little startled…like he has been wakened from a long winter’s nap…well it is ALMOST Spring…

And what is all THAT noise??…


Why it’s the Blue Bird of Happiness…singing a little Spring ditty…


Now old Frosty looks worried…YIKES!  SPRING??  You know what that means…there is going to be a puddle on this quilt!!  AND it won’t be from the dogs…


Whew…I see a snowflake…! P1060757    

And my body is still round and fat….


And if I do melt and leave a puddle…I’m blaming it on those two MUTTS down there..


Hey, what’d we do?  We were just playing ball?…Geezzzz..:o)

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!


  1. Paulette,

    I am loving your quilt blocks the best of all I've seen, and possibly even more so than the original. I've not started mine yet, collecting fabrics, etc.

    What kind of threads are you using? also, are all your fabrics felted wool or are you using some felt too? Can't wait to see more.

    Robin in Virginia

  2. I'm really enjoying your journey with your wool project. I love every block! Fun!

  3. Looks like you are zooming along on your WCQ. I love how the dogs came out. I guess I'll have to add one to my WCQ, as I have one dog at home. You give me inspiration to get stitching. I finally found some white wool for some snowmen.

  4. Your blocks are coming along so wonderfully. You have picked the perfect wools to do them in and wonderful stitches.


  5. Your WC quilt is coming along superbly, Paulette. I just love how some of your designs spill out onto other blocks. This gives it added movement and dimension and allows the eye to travel unrestrictedly throughout.

    Have you studied art? Just curious.

    Whatever...just keep on creating because you're doing a marvelous job!

  6. This really turning out great. beautiful work! So cute.

  7. Boy - after you complete this wool quilt, YOU BETTER KEEP IT! It is so beautiful, and you have so many hours of work into it! Love it!!!

  8. I just love your wool crazy block!! It's coming out great! Your posts are very entertaining...the dogs did it, LOL!! Keep showing your progress I look forward to it. I haven't started mine yet but I plan to soon.

  9. Wow.. so much work and you are doing a beautiful job.. I love the santa., he is so cute with his pink nose..

  10. so cool and funny! Love the story lines as you make. So much fun!

  11. Father Xmas is a cutie but the snowman is still a winner even if he is a bit of a drip. Lovely work.

  12. Hahaha - I sat here laughing, reading your commentary - this quilt is so awesome and it's going to keep you amused for YEARs!

  13. I do love the stories you tell us about each block. A great way to start my day, thanks.

  14. Too funny! I love the blocks, each and every photo tells a loving story.
    At first I thought, oh she's still doing winter stuff, then I peeked and gosh, I'm hooked. I love what you are doing and keep posting lots of photos.

  15. Paulette! Santa is wonderful as is the rest of the quilt. It is coming together so nicely and your stitches are beautiful!!!

  16. The block is charming but your story just makes it even better!

  17. I just love your crazy (wool) block. Cute, cute, cute!!

  18. Do you make up the story while you sew :)