Friday, May 27, 2011

To Market…To Market…

…OR at least the next best thing! 

Our local quilt shop, The Cloth Castle, went to the Salt Lake City Quilter’s Market a few weeks ago…so last night they had a Show and Tell of all the lovely things they ordered or brought back!  It was great!

All of their loyal and best costumers were there (and of course that would include ME!)  Such fun to see all the things that we drooled over during Market week…that is by looking at the market pictures on everyone's blog!  It was great to hear all the stories of the Running with the Bulls Quilters for the Market Sample Spree!  It was almost like being there…pushing and shoving to get to the Moda Booth!! 

Natasha broke us down into groups and we rotated to four different stations…

First and foremost~ Natasha showed us wonderful books, patterns, rulers, gadgets and gizmos…all great!

P1130962 P1130963   BUT what REALLY got my heart pumping was when she brought out her own personal Fat Quarter Bundle of Lynette Anderson’s new fabric line ‘Scandinavian Christmas’!!  STUNNING!!  I could tell that she loves them as much as I do… they went right back under the counter away from sweaty, sticky, pawing hands!!  DARN!  Just one touch was all I wanted…maybe fan through them a few times…but it was not to be!!  I will have to wait for the REAL deal when the whole line comes to the shop! (happy dance!!!)

Then it was onto Vandie’s Station~ fabric painting.  It was really interesting and I could REALLY get into this BUT I can’t get sucked into another craft!  You should see my Scrapbooking stuff and my beading stuff and my stain glass stuff…you get the idea!!  I had to be STRONG!! P1130964

One of the things she shared were these templates for doing fabric silhouettes using a stencil brush and paint crayons…very cool!


Brian shared the latest technology for embroidery machines, certain books, basket weaving using cloth and the GO! Cutting Machine.  He demonstrated how to incorporated embroidery with the GO! which was cool…but not in my budget!


And last but not least…Dave/Dennis/Don???(my mind is a steel trap…with an open door!!) showed us sewing machines…most of them can fly you to the moon and back…sigh…but I have to stay loyal and true to my little Jan(ome), who is waiting for me at home…

During break time, Bettie a sewer/designer/teacher from Arizona gave us a little trunk show of some of the quilt classes she will be teaching this Summer and Fall. 

So pull up a chair, have a brownie or two and a cool refreshing drink…(which is what we did) and watch the show…P1130980 P1130969 P1130974

Looks like Bettie’s classes will be fun, interesting and you will learn lots!

The best part of the evening was at the end…DOOR PRIZES!!  LOTS of them!! 

P1130984 They gave away tons of autographed books, patterns, jelly rolls and layer cakes, gadgets and gizmos….  See all those heads in front of me…all won!  Beside me and behind me…ALL won!!  I came with my friends Vicki and Sandy…BOTH WON!!  Me?…I am only lucky in BLOGLAND!!  :o)

Hope you enjoyed Market as much as I did!!  Thanks SEW much Cloth Castle for a fun night out!!  Can’t wait to see the shelves stocked with all these wonderful things! 

Have a Fun Friday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Wish our store did stuff like that, how fun.
    Love the stencils, those are really nice art ones.


  2. At least your friends won something...You will probably be the next winner in some really great blog giveaway.

  3. Sounds like great fun...I can't believe the luckiest Paulette I know didn't win anything, though!

  4. Yes it was so much fun and my fav is always seeing the new fabrics. Well done Cloth Castle and thanks to all the people from Spring Market who gave away their products so that CC could bring them back and in turn give them away to us! But don't be sad P you'll clean up in blogland for sure!!!

  5. Geez what a great store - wish we had one nearby like that!

  6. That sounds like such a fun evening! I wish our quilt shop would do that!!

  7. oh...what is the new technology for embroidery machines/???
    the baby is back after her stay at the repair shop

  8. you are lucky in my books!!..too bad you didn't come out with a prize!!