Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It’s ALL in a NAME??

Thimble or Tumbler??  Does anyone ‘out there’ know the difference between a Thimble Quilt and a Tumbler Quilt?  They look the same to me!  All I know is that I love them…and the smaller the thimble/tumbler block the better!

Before I left for holidays down south last December, this Heritage Quilter was busy hand quilting this sweet little quilt!!  (I’m so sorry but I don’t know your name…shheeesh…I seem to be on a roll here!) 


Anyways…Her little quilt stopped me in my tracks!  I loved the scrappiness of this quilt and I also appreciated the fact that it was COMPLETELY hand pieced and hand quilted! 

Here it is today…all finished and gorgeous!!

Look at the scrappy fabric…all tiny prints and stripes..SEW sweet!  Her little blocks finished at about 1 1/2” each!


And look at those quilting stitches…LOVE the WHOLE package!!


I was so inspired by this little quilt that I bought this magazine as soon as it hit the store!

  Remember this quilt?…It was on the cover to the Scrappy Magazine…HAD to buy the magazine just for this one quilt…although there were many other gorgeous quilts inside!P1100486

Then at the Road to California I found THIS pattern…A Thimble Quilt with 1 1/4” blocks!


Don’t you just love it when a quilt inspires you…yup this is definitely going to be my next project!!


But what to call it…thimble or tumble?…is the thimble block a small version of the tumbler??  Sure wish I knew…but regardless it’s one sweet block!!  Thanks so much, Heritage Quilter…for sharing your wonderful quilt and providing us with such wonderful inspiration!  Just wish I knew your name….?

Our mystery quilter of the Thimble quilt has been identified…her name is Joan Naherniak!  Awesome job, Joan!  Thanks for helping us solve this mystery, Delores!!

According to Debbie and Sandi… “smaller and squatter are thimbles, larger and narrower are the tumbler. The thimbles are more square shaped and the tumbler more rectangle shaped.”  Yeah!!  Thanks SEW much ladies…now we all know!!  Now if I just knew the name of the Quilter??  :o)

Have a wonderful Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. It seems hers might be a thimble, it is narrower than the tumbler? I love tumblers and like the scrappy look, makes it more prim and great way to use up scraps.


  2. Hi Paulette,

    I agree with Debbie, smaller and squatter are thimbles, larger and narrower are the tumbler. The thimbles are more square shaped and the tumbler more rectangle shaped.

    Lovely quilts and a great take along project.

  3. I don't know the answer, but its gorgeous, isn't it. and hand sewn and quilted. Right up my alley!

  4. This is one of my favourite patterns! I'm not a native speaker so I don't have an opinion about the name.

  5. I think you must name it Thumble. ;)

  6. A quilt by any other name - is still darling! Love it!

  7. What a great quilt - by any name!

  8. Just by coincidence I picked up a tumbler template last week end and was thinking the same thoughts as you.
    Mine is a little larger and suits a jelly roll. Though I am tempted by the smaller block.

  9. Glad I'm home now to name the mystery quilter - Joan Naherniak - one of the CVHQ's awesome quilters!!
    See you Monday.