Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A ‘little’ Behind…no NOT ME!!

I have gotten a ‘little’ behind in showing the Heritage Show and Tell pictures…so pour yourself a coffee, put your feet up and ENJOY!…

Vickie shared how she used the Pounce (looks like a school chalk brush full of chalk) and a stencil to make these butterflies which she then free motioned and then joined with little loop-ti-doops!  Very nice!  She used this fabric to practice on and then turned it into a Charity Quilt…a win, win for everyone!  P1130923 P1130924  This lovely scrappy quilt was getting pinned, ready for quilting…


Isn’t this a beauty…and man was it was HUGE!!


Sharing some lovely snap bags…


A stunning whole cloth quilt…sorry the pictures aren’t great...but it is all hand quilted complete with Trapunto in the middle!  This took Darlene three YEARS to complete (working off and on:o)


Some close-ups….


Just incredible!

P1140009  Here’s Grandma Sharon’s quilt…yup another grandson was born…this gorgeous quilt is for her new GREAT grandson but I couldn’t have hear that right…Sharon is FAR TOO YOUNG for that!!


Little Tyson is going to love his quilt!  Here’s the label that Delores made to go on this quilt…hmmm…I wonder if Sharon is the Nana or the Great Nanna?


Regardless, this Nana is pretty proud of this wonderful quilt as she she should be…and LOOK, she even matches!!

P1140017Someone gave Delores a flannel panel and she cut it up and turned it into this sweet and cuddly Charity Quilt!!        




And you can’t go wrong with Churn Dashes…lovely!


A lattice quilt…love the little inside lattice border too!


There is a population explosion of Chubby Bags…and it’s no wonder…they are just so dang cute!!


So fresh and clean…like Spring….


Isn’t this a FUN quilt!!  Very cute!


Gorgeous quilt…made from a stash of batiks!


This fun quilt was made for a Nursing friend!!


She is going to LOVE it!

P1130932  Whew!!  Yes, these quilters HAVE been VERY busy!!  What an inspiration to be in their company!!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


WoolenSails said...

What a great show and tell. I love the butterfly quilting and those nurses are such a hoot, what a fun idea.


Marj said...

Oooh! The lattice quilt has your Chisel block in it. I loved seeing all the quilts, thanks for sharing.

sewmeow said...

Great quilt show....thanks.

twodraftmom said...

Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures! Claire

Ann Marie said...

i loved all the pics, thanks for sharing!

Linda said...

All the quilts are beautiful! Thank you for showing us!

QuiltSue said...

What great quilts. Thanks for the show, there was something for everyone in your pictures I reckon.

searchfamilies said...

What great quilts & thanks for the show as they say if you can't go the mountain let the mountain come to you so while i can't come there you bring it here thank you
Hugs Janice

GailM. said...

I have been wanting to make that Bonnie Hunter quilt for a long time. I love how she uses the red accent. Glad you showed it. I really like the Nickel quilt books too.

I have to figure out how I'm going to get a GO and some dies.