Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday’s Special Sharing…

As my friend Dawn sailed off into the sunset…literally…Dawn and her husband are spending the next seven weeks sailing around Vancouver Island on their sailboat…she left me with a stack of brand new quilting books to peruse at my leisure!  Ahhh friends are SEW sweet!

So of course I have to share them with you too…. The first book that I fell in love with is called “Friendship Triangles” by Edyta Sitar for Laundry Basket Quilts.  In this book there are 15 wonderful Quilting Projects that all involve making triangles…lots of triangles! 


Edyta Sitar goes into great detail explaining step by step how to make perfect triangles by using Half Square Triangle Exchange Paper. 


It comes in a roll/sheets and you can make 28 half square triangles all at once.  It looks easy, fast and accurate…but of course you buy this separately..for about $11. You can find them HERE.

Let me show you some of the wonderful quilts inside this book…like this sweet little table toppers!


And my personal favourite…love this one…but then I am a sucker for baskets!


Look at the way there is a sprig of berries embroidered on the left bottom basket…so sweet! P1130764

The tree quilt is lovely too…I like the way that Edyta has appliquéd the vines on the sides and the birds at the top and bottom! Just kicks it up a notch!


So all in all this book gets a 10 from me!!  Love it!!  I might have to break down and buy this book…but I still have seven weeks to drool over the pages…


I HAVE to show you this book that I found at a Thrift shop earlier this year…it’s an oldie but a goodie…You can tell it’s old…and out dated and it was only $2 BUT…inside are wonderful scrappy quilts that are not old or out dated!  And look what is on the last few pages of the book…


Easy triangles…for FREE!!  Now you’re talking!!  You just photocopy the pages…and sew up your triangles.  I guess this is what they use to do back ‘in the olden days’…everything was included!!  What a sweet and novel idea!


Things were so much simpler (and cheaper) back then…

Have a Super Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. oh my gosh, I hope Dawn and her husband get some better weather! What a day to start out. Can someone tell me where May is?

  2. I do like that quilt with the vines and birds. I have a few patterns that I need to make with birds and flowers, wish I had more time and could work faster;)


  3. Fabulous books! I love the baskets with the embroidered sprig - nice touch.

  4. I also really like the one with the vines and birds, very nice. Enjoy the books!

  5. I love Edyta's designs! Great books!

  6. I just watched a special on Fons & Porter Quilting show on Edity's book and quilts. They did keep showing her triangle paper and I kept thinking "added expense" are fortunate to have those to print! I'd never seen that before.

  7. Good Morning! If you ladies would like your triangles, and everything else 'spot on' invest in Deb's rulers at (I own all but her 2 newest ones.)She also has free tutorials on how to use them. Please check it out!
    For the Triangles you need the Wing Clipper...I promise you will not be disappointed! L

  8. I would just draw the lines with my marking pencil in the grid using my ruler. That's a "real" 80's olden days method.

  9. Is your friend, Dawn going to be quilting in betweeen the waves???

  10. I have used the roll of paper you can buy (the Australian version) to make triangles and its every effective for LOTS of triangles in the same fabric combination. However drawing up your own (or photocopying from the book) is better when you want lots of small amounts of different fabric combinations, but it is very time consuming. As is almost everything from the "good old days"! Happy quilting Sue SA

  11. I just love the old books! They have so much information and extra's in them! We put our sail boat in the water today but we are a long way from being able to sail it any where without freezing! I hope your friend has a great time!

  12. Love the quilt on the cover of the triangle book. That would look great in scraps. Well done on the find of the Easy Triangle paper.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  13. Love the triangle quilts, especially the baskets and trees.

  14. The basket quilt is beautiful.