Tuesday, May 24, 2011

FREE Christmas Wishes for YOU!!!

You can get your Christmas Wishes at Lecien Fabrics…that’s Christmas Wishes by Lynette Anderson!!  AND it’s FREE and dang cute to boot!!


It’s made out of Lynette Anderson’s new Scandinavian Christmas line of fabric…but you could make it out of any fabric and it would still be wonderful!! Check it out and download your FREE pattern!!  SEW cute!

In fact Lecien Fabrics has a whole page of FREE PATTERNS and they are all gorgeous…check them out HERE!!

Did you know…that people with eye problems have a difficult and often impossible time reading blogs if the background is dark/black with white writing?  I just found this out…so check your backgrounds…and change the colour so that EVERYONE can read what you write!! 

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Thanks for this freebee link.. I'll be checking out Christmas patterns next month when I start working on my Christmas in July project! I also checkd out the other free patterns link, and there's a sweet pattern called Superzig... I think it would make a fast and fun baby quilt. Cute cute Cute.

  2. love the Christmas quilt and love that it is FREE!!! As for the blog/eyesight tip...I dub you the Andy Rooney of Blogdom!

  3. THanks Paulette! I will be going right over to the freebie site! Also, thanks for the advice on the dark background/white writing - yes indeedy, it is hard to read! Off to the fabric store today....o h no... he says..."don't you have enough?"

  4. I haven't checked out the sites from the fabric companys in a while, I am sure there are lots of new ones I haven't seen, so will have to check. I see white on black better, the colored ones are harder for me to read.


  5. People with OUT eye problems have trouble reading white text on dark backgrounds. Some text fonts are really cute for headers or titles but are hard to read in the body of a text, too!

    Thanks for the site links!

  6. A darling pattern! Thanks for the link! 8-)

    I've found reading white print on dark/black backgrounds hard to do. I avoid those blogs now...

    Happy stitchings!

  7. Thanks for sharing, that's an adorable pattern. What a fun Christmas quilt.

  8. Lecien has the BEST free patterns of any fabric house (in my opinion!). This one is gorgeous!

  9. Thanks for the link to the darling pattern.

  10. Thank you for the link.

    I don'tfollow blogs with white writing on black as I find them too hard on my eyes, I also am wary of coloured writing as well