Saturday, May 21, 2011

Busy Heritage Bees….

Last Monday, with camera in hand, I strolled around the Heritage Quilters’ Guild hall.  I wanted to see first hand what everyone was working on..and one ran least not that I noticed!!

We have some VERY talented ladies in our 100+ group (that’s the number of ladies, NOT our age!!:) 

Just look at this needle point!!  STUNNING!! …But…YIKES!!  Look at the cup of coffee right beside it!!!


This is going to be an heirloom piece for sure!!


I wonder if this pattern was new when she started this project?


This Quilter is hand piecing the squares of flannel together to form her blocks!  More coffee…yikes!!  These quilters live on the edge…P1130857

Appliquéing leaves onto each block using the blanket stitch…each block has 4 leaves which are swirling in a circle.  Sew sweet…


This lady made a quilt for her grandchild and is now making a ball to go with it and she is stuffing it with left over batting!  Waste not , want not!!


Embroidery and needle turn appliqué…gorgeous work!


..more appliqué…ouch…look at the long fingers on those brown flowers!!


Quilt as you go…this lady won these blocks in the Block of the Month Challenge and is now sewing her win together.   P1130879 These are just a few of the Heritage Quilters working away on hand- work projects.  If you’re not inspired to quilt when you arrive, you are definitely GUANTANTEED to be inspired by the time you leave!!  Their love of Quilting rubs off on you…


One of our Heritage Quilters is looking for a pattern to make THIS QUILT~


She found this picture in a quilter’s calendar…and she’s right…it’s a BEAUTY!

Here’s the information that they have included with this quilt.  As you can see this quilt is old…1920.  Do you know if there is a newer version of this quilt and in pattern form??


It really does look like a chain with all the pieces linked together.  Very pretty!! 

Have a super Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. The vintage quilt is beautiful I wished I had solution for you. I will ask some of my friends that collect antique quilts and reproduce them.

    Love the Christmas Village counted cross-stitch so festive!

    I am new to your lovely blog follower you from anothe --- I will visit you again, soon! Thanks for sharing. Carolyn :)

  2. Loved your post - especially the hands of the quilters. Got a kick out of your worrying about the drinks nearby - yes, most of us at this age do live on the edge ... got to have our cuppa' tea, etc near by for comfort and joy ...

  3. So pretty and I agree about the coffee only because I have been around someone when their fancy latte went for a dive! Have gotten back to my cross-stitch and funny it is a coffee design!

  4. I remember seeing this in an old quilt magazine at some time or another because it intrigued me. I looked an E-Bay for Laura Wheeler quilt patterns but no luck finding this one. Maybe Barbara Brackman can be of some help.

  5. I've never seen the Chain Quilt before, I sure love it. Someone should write a pattern.

  6. Love the design, but no luck for me either.
    I would definitely ask Barbara, if anyone knows, she will;)


  7. There's some beautiful hand work being done at your guild. That vintage quilt looks like a double wedding ring quilt but with only 2 parts of the ring being joined together. The arc looks about the same. The black and white version is beautiful. You could put a piece a tissue paper or Golden Threads paper over top and trace out the arc and make a pattern from it. It shouldn't be too hard.

  8. I can't say I'd ever seen that pattern tell when you find it...I'm curious! I think it is fantastic you belong to such a large group of very talented ladies!

  9. Cool pattern!
    This is the is a requirement at our quilt meeting...but it is scarey...then again we quilters walk on the wild side!

  10. Love all the projects. I love the antique quilt pattern too.

  11. Very talented ladies in that 100+ group.

  12. I agree those "coffee drinkers" are living life on the edge...when I had my workroom that stuff was not allowed any where near my work surface!! LOL!

  13. GREAT projects - yes, the coffee makes me nervous but I am guilty too, lol! My aunt had cross-stitched an entire quilt [it was a kit] and I hand quilted it for her. By the time I got it, it was about 20 years old, and you would not believe the coffee and tea stains all over it. But the first time we washed it, they all came out!

    That antique pattern is really pretty, it does look like a double wedding ring with parts missing - she may be able to adapt the pattern to get what she wants.

  14. I agree they are talented!!! Don't know what the pattern is, but it sure is wonderful.

  15. Living dangerously - I never realised before that could be the motto for quilters everywhere!

    As usual, some lovely work going on in your group, thank you for showing us, and the members for allowing you to show us.

  16. Love all your pictures. Isn't it fun to see what everyone else is doing? The talent out there amazes me. Love that vintage quilt. Sorry can't help with the pattern. Thanks for sharing all those lovely projects.

  17. The old quilt is similar to Denyse Schmidt's pattern called Single Girl. The rings are much larger an it's laid out a bit different but there are definite similarities. The needle work on the Prairie Schooler is beautiful.

  18. I have never seen that pattern before! Lucky me I don´t drink coffee/tea :)

  19. According to The Quilters Album of Patchwork Patterns by Jinny Beyer, the quilt block is called "Link of Friendship". It is located on page 316 of the book and is attributed to Laura Wheeler, Columbus Evening Dispatch, Sept. 3, 1942.

  20. According to The Quilters Album of Patchwork Patterns by Jinny Beyer, the quilt block is called "Link of Friendship". It is located on page 316 of the book and is attributed to Laura Wheeler, Columbus Evening Dispatch, Sept. 3, 1942.