Monday, May 23, 2011

Penny for Your Comment…

Penny for your comment…that’s all it might take over at Cottonwood Lane Primitives to win this sweet little wool penny rug!  Roberta is hoping to reach 100 followers!  Come on… let’s help her out!

The pattern for this little rug is in the new Primitive Quilting Magazine…can you guess the designer??


Yup, Maggie Bonanomi…the same person who designed Settler’s Pride!  Speaking of which…guess what I started today…? Yes, the hand quilting on Settler’s Pride….(happy dance!!!!)


After auditioning several colours and different kinds of threads, I finally picked a grey/black wool thread with 25% nylon mixed with the wool for strength.  The camera flash really highlights the thread.  In ‘real life’ it is much softer and more subtle than in this picture…you can just barely see it…Would you believe that this wool thread is usually used for darning socks!!  Got to love it!

Well, I’m off to Quilting…

Have a magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. She did a beautiful job on her piece, can't believe she is giving it away. Rainy day today, so good day to catch up and cutting out the rest of my braids.


  2. love it! thanks for the heads up...hey I want to reach 100 followers...hummm

  3. I love this pattern! Of course I love most wool. :). I'd love to follow her but unfortunately blogs with black backgrounds are impossible for me to read on my IPad...the words just won't come through. On my laptop they are very difficult as well so I don't get to follow those. I'm sure part of that must be my "senior" vision because black is also hard to stitch on unless I have lots of light. Blessings, Marlene

  4. Darling rug! Can't believe you're already quilting your settler's pride - you go, girl!

  5. Enjoy your hand quilting! Thanks for the giveaway tip!

  6. This turned out to be absolutely wonderful!

  7. I think you selected the perfect color!!

  8. Hope you had a good quilting day. Does anyone actually darn socks any more?