Friday, May 6, 2011

I am Speechless….or NOT!

Wow!!  What an honour…I have been chosen by Heather of Creative Confessions to receive the Versatile Blogger Award!  Thank you SEW much, Heather! 

Now what does this award mean?  Hmmm…Versatile Blogger?  Maybe I can change from one topic to another with ease…?  OK…or I can sew up different and unique creations…maybe??  OR maybe it means …WHY am I analyzing this AWARD??  YIPPEE!!  I got an award…wahoooo!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!   ( I am fanning myself like Sandra Bullock did when she won Miss Congeniality…you know waving my hands in front of my face!!)  I am speechless…

Seriously…thanks so much, Heather! It really is an honour to get an award for blogging regardless of the reason…I’m just glad there is someone out there reading this stuff!

Apparently there are rules to this award!  This is how the award works:

The Versatile Blogger Award rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post (yup done that!!  Thanks again, Heather!!)

2. Tell 7 things about yourself that others might not know about you (this is going to take some thinking because you guys know everything there is to know about me…except for maybe…?!!)

3. Pass along the award to 15 newly discovered bloggers (I'm going with 5 because that’s what Heather did!)

4. Contact these bloggers to let them know they’ve received the award

So, without further ado, I'll get on with the seven things about me:

Number One

I hate the colour purple…never made a purple quilt and NEVER will!

Number Two

All this talk about quilt styles…are you a traditionalist or a modern quilter?…I like them all!  If you look at my side bar you will see that I follow both styles of quilters…with a sprinkle of Primitive thrown into the mix …because I love to see and appreciate what everyone is making.  And you never know which way my fancy will swing…(sounds almost sinful doesn’t it!!)

Number Three

At the moment I love Civil War Fabric so that’s what I happen to be collecting…and right now I don’t like Batiks (I hear gasps in the audience)…or Asian prints!  There I’ve said it!!…although I do love the textured Japanese woven cottons that are out now!!

Number Four

My two favourite pastimes are reading and quilting so my ‘perfect day’ is spent sewing while listening to a audio CD book.  LOVE this! 

Number Five

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE retirement…but then you already KNOW this!!  If you haven’t retired yet and love to quilt, then rest assured you are going to love retirement too!!  …Who knew it was this GOOD??

Number Six

It’s HARD to come up with seven things!!  OK…in the PERFECT WORLD an Exercise Workout would consist of rolling your chair from your sewing machine, to the cutting table, to the ironing board and back again!!  Apparently this does not get your heart rate up!!  Sheesh!  It works for me!

Well I HATE going to the gym, so I made my own…when the kids left home I gutted their TV room and put in a gym (with a small TV)…best thing that I have ever done!!  (I have arthritis in my lower back and suffered from chronic back pain.  I was told that I needed to exercise to strengthen my core muscles or go on medication.  Some choice hey!)  Now I spend an hour in this room 5 or 6 times a week…and am pain free!  Exercise really does work!!

Number Seven

I use to like to garden but now it’s just work!  It’s right up there with vacuuming and washing floors!  The whole time I’m out there pulling weeds I’m busy planning quilts!!…and longing to be in my sewing room!

And NOW for the moment that you have all been waiting for~ 

The rules say to pass it on to NEWLY DISCOVERED BLOGGERS: So my choices are~

1. Kay Harmon I just discovered her blog last week…lots of eye candy and she is new to blogging…and man can she quilt!

2. Quilt, Knit, Run, Sew  Gail’s been blogging since 2007 but she is new to me…I love her sense of humour and her quilts…a great combination!…and Gail is a Canadian.

3. Auntie’s Quaint Quilts Christine has been blog since 2007 too and does gorgeous stitcheries…she is currently working on The Night Before Christmas…so sweet!  And she lives in Australia.  (Have you noticed that the best stitchers live in Australia?  Why is that?)

4. Blessed Beyond Belief I have been reading Jackie’s blog for a couple of years now…she combines her love of dogs (she is a Cockapoo puppy breeder) with her love of quilting with tidbits of family life.  I mean REALLY how can you lose…puppies AND quilts!   What’s NEW on Jackie’s blog is one of those super fancy, fly you to the moon sewing machines…you know the kind that quilts and embroiders and will parallel park on it’s own in a tight spot!  It has been such fun to watch her play with her new toy…and you should see what she is creating!!  You have got to go and visit!!  (Plus there is a new litter of puppies to play with….)

5.Sew’n Wild Oaks Quilt  I haven’t followed Lynn very long but I love her quilts so much that I HAD to go back and read the posts that I missed!!  GORGEOUS STUFF!!

So if you have time, please go and visit the winners of the prestige's Versatile Blogger Award!! You won’t be sorry!!

Thank you again Heather!  It’s been fun!

Have a Fun Friday and Happy Quilting!~P

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  1. Congratulations!! Fun to learn those little facts about you!! :-)

    Have a Happy Mother's Day!

  2. What an honour, Paulette. Congratulations. Versatility is what I love about your blog. You always have a little of everything interesting. Thanks for the seven things about you. And I always thought that rolling your chair from sewing machine to cutting table to ironing board was a Certified Exercise Workout. I also love being retired. Not so much the gardening or housework. I'm thinking of hiring someone to do both.
    Have a Happy Mother's Day weekend.

  3. Congratulations, you truly deserve an award!
    Your blog first caught my attention when I was on another blog where the author was asking us to name her new line of fabric. In skimming through the list I noticed my name. Although I am getting very forgetful, I knew that I had not posted an entry. Paulette is not a common name, as you know. Sew I clicked on you and found a whole world of inspiration and quilting friends. You motivate me to finish my projects and try new things. I can hardly wait until 10 o'clock each day to find out what you've been up to! I am blessed to 'know' another Paulette. Sew On!

  4. I am totally loving #3 & #4. and green with envy about #5! Fun to read it all and loving the friends made through the blog world!!!

  5. Congrats on your Award, I'm happy to know someone else isn't a lover of Asian and BATIK fabrics. I enjoy visiting your Blog and seeing all the fun you are having as you travel. Thanks for sharing and I'll keep reading even though you don't like Purple...that just leaves more for me, LOL.

  6. Congratulations. I totally agree with Heather as I keep up with what is going on by following your blog. I also need to follow your incentive of a home gym. This is just marvellous. Congratulations again.

  7. Okay, I have to ask---will you share some of your core exercises that worked so well for your back? I have the same issues with my back, and altho I love piecing and quilting, the cutting kills my back (even tho I have raised my cutting table up). I'll keep checking back to see if you share with us. :D Congrats on your award, too. :)

  8. Congratulations! I love your blog and I do learn a lot from you.
    I am with you on the gardening. Rather not do it but it does give me quilt thinking time, as does, cleaning, scrubbing, cooking laundry, and cleaning windows. Ack! I have solved some problems during that thinking time.
    Enjoy the honor, you deserve it.

  9. Maybe it's your love for all styles of quilting that gave you the versatile award. That's awesome Paulette. Let me ask you this and hopefully it won't offend in any way. Is it the French influence in Canada that puts a "u" in words such as Color? I've always wondered about that.

  10. Congrats - couldn't happen to a nicer, more giving person. Have a great week-end and Mother's Day P

  11. Congratulations!!!! You are such a hoot - I hate purple too - although I DID make a purple quilt, it was a friend request. I'm with you on the exercise!!!!

  12. congrats on the award!..whoohoo!!....we always knew you were a 'winner'!..have a great weekend..and Happy Mom day!!

  13. Hmm. If that's you being speechless ....