Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Birth of a Bag…

Meet Barb…our bag lady!  ( Sorry Barb…I couldn’t resist!  :o)   Seriously, Barb was our Chubby Bag instructor and she did an awesome job!!  Here she is with her own Chubby Bag which she used as an example to spur us on…


We all came with our homework done…here we are setting up.


Barb helped us with the hard part…attaching pockets, making the flat part of the bags… and then how to make the bag stand up!

Here’s how you do it…draw around a 4 3/4” template on the bottom corner of the front and back of the flat bag. 

   P1130714 P1130715

Then pinching the corner so that you see the flat line…and stitching along this line…I know this is the tricky part…You really need Barb here to help you out…she is SEW good at explaining things!

P1130716You cut the point off and presto a flat bottom -now your bag can sit!  AND you end up with Lady GaGa points…which you could quite easily turn into a bra…BONUS! :o)P1130759

Next come the handles…oops forgot to take pictures…so make straps..:o)

Sew the lining to the bag…and then turn right side out!

Which is what this quilter is about to do…reminded me a little of giving birth…


…push…PULL!  Yup, a lot like giving birth…that whole bag with all those layers of fusible fleece has to go through that little hole.  Much to Barb’s relief there wasn’t much grunting or groaning and no screaming!!


Whew…a nice 6 pound baby bag…made of Asian Prints!!


This lady was getting teased about being able to find her bag in the dark!!

P1130705We all took our bags home to finish with the promise to bring them back next Monday all done up for Show and Tell.

I made mine a little different…I made a few stitches on each corner to square them up a bit. 


I also put a tongue closure on mine…which I’m not that happy with…a little too long but what the hay…it’s my first attempt at a bag…


Aside from that I am loving this bag…the buttons I cut off an old sweater and are perfect…or as perfect as they are going to get on this looonnnng tongue!

P1130747   The fabric is called Wild Rose by Blackbird.P1130751  Oh, I forgot to show you inside of the bag…there are two big pockets on both walls of the purse.  I have made two narrow for scissors and one my for rotary cutter and the other two are 7 inches wide perfect for rulers and other stuff.

I ran out of fabric to cover the foam board on the bottom of the bag so I used a scrap of gold fabric.  I remembered someone at The Sands saying they had put a black bottom on their bag and found that it was too dark inside the bag to find anything.  Well inside mine, it’s like a light bulb has gone on!!


SEW there you have it…The Chubby Bag…just hanging around ready to be used!

P1130754And before I go…just one more flash of my first ever free motion quilting…  P1130756

…I’m going to get up my nerve to try this on a quilt someday…a small quilt… after just a little lot more practice!

Man, I’m bagged! 

Thanks Barb…this was a fun project!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!!~P


  1. I love your bag! And your first attempt at free motion quilting is just beautiful. That's a great idea, sewing a couple of stitches to square up the corners. I really like the way it gave some shape to the bag. Great job!!

  2. Love the colors and the size. Lady you need to do is sew on some tassels!

  3. Your bag looks wonderful. I love the buttons and the free motion quilting. Beautiful work!

  4. Your first free-motion quilting looks great. You're off to a good start!

  5. Love your bag! Great idea to square it up. I have yet to make a bag, just wasn't interested, but you've converted me! Will be trying one soon!

  6. I love your bag. The quilting looks wonderful to me. What a great idea for squaring up the cornors. Love the Lady Gaga bra's. LOL!

  7. Well done, especially the free motion quilting. The bra idea is hilarious, I have made such small corners that I never noticed the resemblance.

  8. Really beautiful bag. I found a nice pattern so hopefully I can figure out how to make one.


  9. What a great bag - even the long tongue! :) Your free motion looks great!

  10. Love it Paulette, I can't believe this is your first bag! Your tongue may be long but it really adds class to this bag. Wonderful! Good idea too about the yellow bottom, it sure helps you see what you've got in there!

  11. Turned out great! The Lady GaGa points remind me of the TeePee covers I made for my baby grandsons!

  12. First of all, Barb doesn't look chubby at all!
    The bags are great and I love your adaptation best!
    Thanks for the smile today!

  13. Love it!! Congratulation on finishing!!

  14. Great first bag! Perhaps you could applique something on that long tongue - a woolen something?

  15. Love your long tongue, buttons and all.
    Aren't your grey accents the best.

    Squaring it up gives a great 'finished' look.
    And, yes, light interiors are almost a requirement for these eyes of mine.
    Seems as though you've got this down pat, so when's the next one coming along?

  16. I love your freestyle quilting, well done.

  17. Love the bag! I like to turn the corners into cat toys. I fill them with catnit and sew the side closed if thy are large. Sew two together if they are small.

  18. I love your Chubby bag! I don't think the flap is too long at all and I love how you square it. Genius!

  19. Love your bag. You did a great job on that free motion quilting. And this was your first time? You go girl! Great job!

  20. Lovely bag.


  21. great work on the 'bag'!!..and a good tutorial also!!

  22. Your bag is great and I love the tongue closure you added.

  23. Love the bag. I've made something similar and it's so useful

    Love and hugs Gina xxx