Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Heritage Happenings...

Christmas is coming...which was certainly evident at Heritage yesterday! There were tons of Christmas projects being worked on....Here's a small sampling~
 Glynis' ornament...a wool tree ornament, which she reduced in size!  REALLY sweet!
 And I love Sandy's Buttermilk Basin "Let it Snow' BOM for this month !  So pretty on the green flannel background fabric!
 Lovely gifts being made by JoAnne...
This gorgeous flower quilt makes me want to start collecting flowery prints!  So pretty and fresh...and ready for Spring!

 And a close-up...

 Carol just finished her Santa Redwork Pillow...and it is gorgeous!  LOVED the quilting on this baby!

 Sandy finished her grand-daughter's I Spy Quilt!  Love the design of this quilt...so fresh and clean looking with the white sashing around the I Spy prints...

 LOVE the label...how SWEET is this!!  Grandma and grand-daughter's hand prints stitched right onto the label.  Little Taylor is going to treasure this quilt FOREVER!

'Just Judy' made this wonderful charity Quilt...so pretty and fresh!  Some little girl is going to be tickled PINK!

 And Aude's been very busy too!  Love her two scrap-happy quilts...
 The border just kicks this one out of the ballpark!
 And I love how the border on this one makes her blocks appear to float and dance!

Aude outdid herself...

So there you have it!  There were more projects shown but for some reason my pics were blurry!  DARN!

The other news is that I have decided to take a break from Blogging.  Hope you understand...just need time to recharge the ol'batteries!

Wishing you all the best!  Big blogger's hug being sent your way...and happy stitching!~P  


  1. Mrs P, I wish you all the best and lots of time to carry on with UFO's, grandchildren, and new projects. But PLEASE come back to us. Your blogs are the best way to strait a day!

  2. Enjoy your time away but do come back soon. Your blog is one I really enjoy and I love all of the shared quilts.

  3. I think many are feeling the need to take a break Paulette, I'm sure you will pop in periodically, it's a busy time prepping for Christmas and other obligations. Enjoy your time creatively and personally.

  4. So much stuff to absorb here, but that quilt label really tugged at my heart. So sweet!
    Sure, just drop that little bombshell casually at the end. : )
    You know you will be missed, but you gotta do what you gotta do! Personally I don't know how in the world you daily bloggers do it. I am doing well to get out one post a week, and sometimes it stretches to two weeks.
    Hope you can recharge and find balance again!

  5. Will miss your blogs and hope you are back soon. Enjoy your sewing...

  6. I like that redwork Santa. I have a similar redwork Santa design prepped for stitching but just does look much like I will get to work on it any time soon.

  7. Thanks for the quilt show. So many wonderful projects! Enjoy your blogging break. Take care!!

  8. I always enjoy your blog posts, P, no one else has your unique sense of humour. Enjoy your down time and know that you'll be missed, so come back every so often. Happy holiday sewing and stitching.

  9. Lots of wonderful projects but I love that snowman on the tree, that would be fun to do.


  10. We will miss your blogs. Take a break and do lots of sewing to get ready for the grand babies. Over the years I have picked up many helpful hints on your blog. Thanks a bunch.

  11. You know that you'll be missed, but I hope after the first of the year you'll be back. I enjoy your sense of humor and whimsical style. Happy Holidays.

  12. I am going to miss your blog......it is a good way to start the day....hope you come back soon.....have a great holiday.....

  13. Take care of yourself and return to blogland when the time is right.

  14. once again you have shared some lovely makes, especially love the hands for the label what an original idea.
    Enjoy your break from blogging but pleae come back soon

  15. Love the snowmen! Make me want snow! Love the scrappy quilts too.

  16. Will miss your blog, come back soon! Just in case, happy holidays, and good luck with the grand babies!!

  17. Enjoy a well deserved break. Keeping up an inspiring blog is a huge time commitment. You will be missed!

  18. You all are SO amazingly talented - lovely pictures! Enjoy your break and wishing you a wonderful holiday season!!

  19. Yes, I totally understand -- breaks are essential. And the holidays are coming up! Are you going south this year? Enjoy all your "spare time," and happy stitching!

  20. Thanks for the quilt show love the nine patch quilt from a couple weeks ago are they 3 inch 9 p or 4 1/2 inch 9p? It's the perfect quilt for my niece have a great weekend