Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Tip Toe Through the Tulips With Meeeeeeee....

It's REALLY difficult to find a quilt or pillow pattern that SCREAMS "SPRING" and "SUMMER" but I think I have found just the one!!  And lucky for us the pattern for this quilt and pillow are part of Karen's (Laugh Yourself Into Stitches Blog) GIVE AWAY!

Check out the quilt...

See what I mean?  Does this quilt not scream "Spring-Summer"!  I love the fabrics Karen chose for this quilt...all of my colours!  But you could make it in any fabrics that you love...use up those scraps, make it in brights, or Reproduction fabrics...gawd forbid, you could even use batiks!  haha

Yup, I am SEW making this quilt!  What a wonderful way to get rid of those Winter blahs...just as those tulips are poking their little leaves through the soil, you pull out this quilt to hang on a wall or drape over the couch!  "SPRING" has SPRUNG!!

And check out the pillow that Karen is teaming up with the quilt pattern!  Be still my heart!  SWEET!

So head on over to Karen's Blog and enter to win!  The Give Away is on until the 20th of June!  And the good news is, if you win, you have plenty of time to sew 'er up!  And there is even MORE good news, if gawd forbid, you DON'T win, you can buy BOTH patterns for a mere $8.50!  A steal of a deal!  That works out to $4.25 each!!  Cheaper than a cup of fancy coffee!

Head on over to Karen's Blog and enter to win!  You just might be tip-toeing through the tulips by the end of this week!

Have a wicked Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Love love this tulip quilt. It's a good one to have out for spring and summer. I did a watermelon quilt a few years ago and love it for summer but this one is good for both. Thanks for posting.

  2. A gorgeous spring quilt, and it looks easy to make. I'm heading over to Karen's blog right now.

  3. What's that? Do I hear ukulele music off in the distance???? Why do I have this sudden urge to rush home and pull out my bin of batiks??? (Insert Wicked Wednesday Grin Here!) ;-}

  4. good to see she has released the pattern must hop over and check it out admired it on her blog a couple of weeks ago

  5. Great find, I love tulips, my favorite flowers! It's a very nice pattern.

  6. The tulips definitely say spring!