Monday, June 27, 2016

A Love Fest that's Timeless!

I'm baaaaack....! And just in time because this morning I want to share with you pictures of a quilt that will knock your socks off!!   We are talking HEIRLOOM quality quilt...a quilt that will remain TIMELESS and will be loved for years and years!  The kind of quilt that your kids will fight over! haha


The quilt is called "Wandering Ways" and if you haven't already guessed, it's a Norma Whaley, Timeless Traditions design! Exquisite comes to mind when I think of this quilt!  It has a vintage flair to it...and then there are THOSE sweet messages stitching into each block!  I LOVE that!  Such a wonderful personal touch!

 A couple of the blocks have a house stitched into the sweet!

And my favourite quote...yup, this one goes to the heart of every quilter!  It's what makes us's why we don't stop at making just one quilt!  haha "My Soul is fed with needle and thread."  A truer statement was never uttered...don't you agree?

I love the way Norma incorporates these lovely quotes into a lot of her wonderful quilts!  Her newest quilt 'Hidden Messages', (named for this very reason) is wonderful...It has all of these lovely hidden messages tucked here and there on the edges of the blocks!  Go HERE to see Norma putting this quilt together!  It is absolutely gorgeous!!

And while we are at it, let's GO HERE  to check out Norma's Quilt Market Booth for all of her latest creations...EYE CANDY galore!  Man, I am drooling!  

There's nothing like a love fest to get the day going!  Thanks, Norma, for providing us with all of these wonderful inspirational quilts to stitch and create...or just to savour with our morning coffee!  If you want to head over to Norma's Webshop...for a wee peek at ALL OF HER GORGEOUS QUILTS, then go HERE!! Better have your credit card handy...just sayin'...:o)! 

Have a Magical Monday and Happy Stitching!~P  


  1. What a fabulous quilt, I love how she used all those scraps of fabric. It's fun to look at each and every one. And the little messages are so cute. Like an I Spy for adults.

  2. Wow! at first I thought she had made it in the potholder method, but it doesn't look like that in the close up. I adore this tile (I call it stonewall as that is what we call it here in NE) method. What a stunning quilt. Surely would like to see this one up close.

  3. Norma always has such wonderful designs and this one is definitely a wonderful one to pass along in the family.


  4. as you say a quilt that will be loved for ever a delight