Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Summer Daze...

I finished this sweet 'SUMMER DAZE' basket filler pillow!  The cute lamb is a Zula & Co. pattern...and dang sweet!  Does it not remind you of a summer day...the lamb's out in the field, picking daisies and talking to the bees!  

I put it in my new wooden bowl...'found' this weekend at a GS.

My vintage wooden geese are checking it out and it passes with their approval...These geese are SERIOUSLY sweet...the paint is all crackled and scuffed!  Love them both...and for $3 for the pair, I tucked one under each arm and screamed "START THE CAR!  START THE CAR!" as I went running down the driveway! A wonderful GS find if ever there was one!!
The bowl is hand made and needs to be finished...I'm thinking a darker Danish Oil...or even Annie Sloan paint and then a dark wax...I will sit on it a bit and give it some thought.  But it is perfect for pin keepers and bowl fillers and for $4...what can I say but "SCORE!!"

 Yes, it was HOT last weekend...and I DO mean that figuratively and literally!  I found these two crocks...the huge one for (are you sitting down...?) $2...OK there is a hairline crack in it but for $2, I can live with it!  The smaller one, found at a different GS, was $6!  Score!
 Now I am slowly getting rid of my chickens...but when I spotted these two wee vintage chicken timers...for $1 each... I thought what the hay...they are small and adorable and I do have one mama hen left to look out for them!
 My cream pitchers are growing and I LOVE THEM!!  Who knew that they came in all different sizes and shapes!

Here's a picture of my geese before I cleaned them up...cute hey!  I also love my red scale...$8.
(Don't look at the bananas...those ripe ones turned into a smoothie later in the day...:o)

 Old ruler for 25 CENTS...can you buy ANYTHING for 25 cents anymore?...YUP!!  And love this old wooden box...even though it once carried shot-gun shells.  I'm not sure what I will do with it so it's in the shed...waiting!
 And a better shot at my scales...

So there you have it.  As 'new' stuff comes in, 'old' stuff goes out...or so I tell my husband!  I know...I know...I am a sick woman!  Soon I will be on THAT TV show...the one where you can't get into their house because of the junk!  Scary thought....:o}}  But the good news is..I don't smoke, drink or do drugs and I don't play with guns...just the wooden boxes that the shells come in!

Have a wicked Wednesday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. You found some great scores last weekend, and your small Summer Daze pillow fits your new bowl perfectly. With so many garage sales happening I'm sure you will be busy all summer scoring.

  2. Some lovely treasures Paulette, I'd love to find one of those old scales one time. Maybe on my trip to Spokane on Saturday.

    Love so many of your new treasure the pillow is too cute!

  3. Sweet little sumner pillow! You sure did score at the garage sales! Beautiful bowl!

  4. Great finds! I love those wooden geese!

  5. Lovely stuff you found! what a great expedition! Are you going for "...six geese a-layin"..." lol..I am looking for an old big rectangular tray to house my Scrapbook supplies so I can work in front of the tv at night...I will be going a'huntin' this weekend...hugs, great post!! Julierose

  6. I want to go to gs's with you. But that probably wouldn't work out very well because we'd have a tug of war in the driveways! Wondeful rescues as always.

  7. Wonderful pillow and great finds, you do find the best bargains.


  8. Great finds! I love your little pillow! Happy Summer Days!

  9. Yes, your little pillow is so cute, Paulette. You are on a roll with these basket fillers! I imagine that autumn and Halloween would be fruitful opportunities for them as well!

  10. I can see you running down the driveway with those geese! They are winners. And the crocks! I wanna go GSing with you!

  11. Wow, you find such great things!!! Lots of goodies !

    If you ever decide to downsize your goodies, I would love to come and shop. lol

    Enjoy your treasures, Janie :)