Thursday, July 30, 2015

Where the Cows Come Home...'s time for more Barn raising as in 'Where the Cows Come Home' by Kathy Cardiff and her daughter, Taylor Olvera!
July was officially Block Four's month BUT that doesn't mean we can't have someone jump in anytime to join us...and Deborah decided to do just that!  She joined Primitive Gatherings BOM Barn Raising and has just completed her first fact this is her first wool block EVER!  Deborah is new to wool...and if she can build a barn out of wool then she can build anything!  Just look at her first this not gorgeous!

 And this is my block...block four, called 'Amber Waves of Grain'!  It was a fun one to build...
 And a closeup shot...don't you love the bales of hay...and the crisscross door!  Yup, I am loving this project!
Renee is currently MIA as she is painting her new REAL house... so she is excused and will show and tell her barn when she gets around to it!  It's all good...I'm sure the Cows will understand and will know where to go when the snow starts to fly! (better paint a room for them, Renee...I'm thinking something in Hay Bale Yellow....:o)

Thanks Deborah for jumping in and sharing your first wool project ever!  We hope you share Block Two with us next month...same time, same place!

I hope you all have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Stitching!~P

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  1. There such wonderful detail in each of the blocks. That's what makes the pattern so cute.