Thursday, July 9, 2015

Follow that STAR!

I thought you'd like to see Glynis' latest finished top!  It's a beauty!

Those are wool pennies hand stitched in the middle of each star...
 It's called 'Daphne's Star' and the pattern can be found in Primitive Quilts Magazine....
 I wish my pictures did this quilt justice...the slate blue blocks are made out of Diamond Textile's fabric so they are rich looking, adding lovely texture to the block!
 For those of you who subscribe to Primitive Quilts Magazine...this is the issue that it's in...
And here is their version of the quilt...(ignore the glare...:o)

We both bought the 'Daphne's Star' kit when Glynis and Claire came down south in January.  You may remember our own personal Shop Hop...  If not, you can always revisit...HERE!  Grand Country Quilt Shop is worth a second visit!!  LOVE that shop!

Glynis is on another adventure right now...without us!  I tried to fit into her suitcase...I really did...but those darn thighs did me in (or rather did me OUT)!  Glynis is on the Sisters SEVEN DAY Quilt Shop Hop Bus Tour!!  Imagine this...SEVEN fun filled days of touring Portland's finest Quilt Shops, then meandering your way over to Sisters (stopping at every Quilt Shop in between!)... where she will take in Sisters' Outdoor Quilt Show and then back again...hitting any shops that she may have missed!  Boggles this little ol'quilter's mind!!
So if you are at Sisters and you see this woman...make sure you go up to her and say... 

"HI GLYNIS...where's Sweet P?!"  Blow her mind...and mine!  It will make for a terrific story!

If you're not SURE that it really is Glynis, then check out her feet...Glynis is always wearing the cutest SHOES!  :o))
Homespun Houses...wearing the CUTEST shoes!
If my calculations are right, Glynis and her bus head to Sister's be on the look out!:o)

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Such an interesting quilt design with the wool pennies in the center. I don't remember it from the magazine.
    I can see why you wanted to get into her suitcase. What a wonderful trip it would be.

  2. I have taken a BUS to Sister's before. Sorry you couldn't go along! I had to change my plans to attend when I heard the weather report. Hope they don't get stormed out on the 40th Anniversary of the outdoor show.

  3. Love the wool penny centers! Hey it's not too late to link this under our TUesday ARchives theme: stars this week!!

  4. What a field trip. Too bad you couldn't get away. Super cute quilt.

  5. I'll keep an eye out for, may have just missed her at Pioneer Quilts today. They had a bus in just before I arrived.

  6. We have 3 busses coming tomorrow so I'll be looking for cute shoes. If you chat with her, tell her I'll be at the front register!

  7. the quilt with the pennies in the centre is so different, lovely and the others you have shared also very nice

  8. Love Glynys's Daphne's Star quilt!