Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Recently our Guild purchased several copies of 'Block' the new magazines from Missouri Star Quilt of course I signed out a copy to peruse...well, let me tell you, it is dynamite!

 First off, I would NEVER call it a is made out of high quality, heavy paper (feels wonderful!), there are no ads...not one...not even for Missouri Star Quilt Co and there are TONS of wonderful pictures...and ten patterns in every issue!  

If you have ever watched a Missouri Star 'How To Video' with Jenny Doan and you like them...(and who doesn't?) then you are going to LOVE this magazine!  They have taken Jenny's youtube tutorials and written up the patterns for these quilts...and added little stories written in 'Jenny's voice'...LOVE IT!!  The quilts are made out of new fabrics (which you can find at Missouri Star's online shop), there are tons of pictures, nice clear instructions (supported with photos) and of course you can always go and watch the video!  

I was surprised to see a sticker price on the back of the Block magazine that read $13.99 (it was bought at a quilt shop in Saskatchewan (Canada)...CHEAP for a book,  a little above the price for a good magazine!  I hurried over to Missouri Star Quilt Company's online shop to see how much it was there...WELLLLLL...if you have a USA address, the subscription is only $5.99 per magazine!!  GIVE AWAY prices!!  There are going to be 6 issues a year at this cheap price, followed by the youtube video...which is free!  A FANTASTIC DEAL!!  International quilters...that's ME... we have to order each book individually!  But that's OK...Missouri Star has a flat rate fee for international just have them toss it in with your regular's ALL good!  Cheaper than a charm pack!  :o)

If the Canadian Quilt Shops will put these 'magazines' on the shelves...and keep the prices low, they will sell like hot cakes!  We expect to pay a bit more but not more than double the cost!!  (we don't pay over double the price for other magazines on the newsstands, so why this one?)!  Just sayin'....

How about another peek inside this Spring 2015's issue....
 Love this quilt!!

 Yup...nice, eh?

I am going to finish by quoting the inside publisher's page...the last sentence...which is SEW Jenny!  Right after the Copyright's one may copy etc...they say, "Anything you make using our patterns or ideas is your business, do whatever you want with the stuff you make, it's yours!"    Is that not Jenny?!  Love this book!

Two thumbs up!  I am so happy our Guild has purchased take a number! :o))

Have a wicked Wicked Wednesday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. I have also purchased and enjoyed these books/magazines. They are an easy add-on when purchasing your 'deal of the day'.

    Sorry the price is so much higher. Maybe it would be something you could get at the lower price while on your winter hiatus?

    I keep forgetting to comment on your post about vintage sheets. Let's talk....would a square exchange be possible? I, of course, need to start shopping but maybe a group of 4 or 5 could swap enough squares to make a decent sized quilt?


  2. That magazine looks interesting, tomorrow I'm heading off to Oregon, I'll have to see what it looks like in person. Thanks for giving me another thing to consider buying while away!

  3. I believe you can buy a digital version online for only $4.99 an issue - even better value! And you should be able to buy it from Canada!

  4. I just purchased the digital copy of the Spring issue. It's great. No shipping charges to Canada (LOL) and a downloaded it within a couple of minutes. That's a deal! Thanks for sharing, Paulette!

  5. Yup, to me it's more like a book, a very enjoyable book at that. I'm glad you did a review here, hope it inspires others to subscribe.

  6. Sounds like a great publication! We need more of them.:)

  7. I bought this a couple of months ago. I really have enjoyed it. The pictures are amazing. I do feel they really have wonderful instructions. I just got a new one this morning in the mail. You have a great rest of the day.

  8. this is very tempting but to order from the UK will be very pricey, hopefully it will be on sale in the newsagents here before too long otherwise will have to pass on it

    1. Why noy buy the digital version at $4.99?

  9. Hi Paulette, love Missouri Star Quilt Company and have used the tutorials a lot. Thanks for letting us know about this, I am in the UK and will hope over to their site now and see about getting it sorted. Hugs, Susie x