Monday, July 27, 2015

Santa's Elf Hard at Work...

While I have been gallivanting the countryside, Sandy, aka...Santa's Elf...has been busy making the rest of us look bad!!  She finished off her CHRISTMAS GIFT to her son and DDIL and let me tell you, it is magnificent!  
The fabric is from Barbara Brackman's new line of fabric called 'Ladies Album' and it is lovely!  

 Zooming in for a close up...Hazel beautifully quilted this monster of a quilt....
 This quilt is huge and will easily cover a king size bed!'s beautiful and I'm sure Sandy's son and DIL will be thrilled!
So what's Santa's Elf's next project?...Well...let's just say it involves her RV, a lakeside spot, her bikini:o) and maybe a wee bit of handwork...even Santa's Elf needs a little R and R!!  Well done, Sandy!!  You deserve a rest...while the rest of us get caught up!

Have a magical Monday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Oh, even cool thoughts are nice. My a/c went out on Saturday and I couldn't find anyone to come fix it until today! I spent my weekend trying to keep little, fat Lola alive and stay alive myself. Last night it was 92 in the house. If I'd had any money, I'd have gone to a motel. I tried playing Christmas music and watching snow videos but that didn't help. We are under a heat dome and it feels like 115 outside. Wish me luck getting it fixed (can you tell I'm a big whiner)? XO

  2. what a lovely quilt will be greatly loved by the lucky couple