Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Houses…houses and more houses…

Yowzers!  It’s the LAST day of 2014!  Now how did that happen?

Seriously, as you get older, time really does seem to speed up…or is it because when you get older you are having more fun…trying to pack as much into those remaining years as is humanly possible!  Let the good times continue to roll…

Yup…life is good, at least until the back goes or those darn arthritic fingers seize up on you!  But enough about THAT!  Less talk about building houses!  These houses…wee, small houses!


The other day…OK… it was back in October (SEE WHAT I MEAN?!)…I said that I wanted to make a quilt out of these WEE HOUSES!  Several of you also expressed a desire to do so…which to me, constitutes a SEW-A-LONG!!  I told you to hurry over HERE to download your FREE patterns…I sure hope you did that because I’m not sure if they are still available!  If there is one thing that I have learned about blogland it’s~ if you see something free today and you like it, then PRINT if off immediately as it may not be available tomorrow!  Try this site…you may have to become a member…or you can try Hanne’s Quilt Corner .  Hanne is giving away the sweetest house patterns too.  She has put a strip of green fabric on the bottom of the house pattern for grass…a very nice touch!

Yesterday I took my pattern to Staples (I first tried my own personal copier but it didn’t give me the EXACT size…check this before you print off a hundred!). 


Staples gave me the exact size…I also asked them for the thinnest paper that they had…it’s almost like newsprint.  It’s also a different colour…grey like newsprint!  I am hoping it will tear easier when removing the paper from my project. (the original is on top…newsprint copies on the bottom)


Then I prepped my fabrics….blue for sky…and then greens, browns, reds and beiges for the houses.


I’m ready to roll! 

I will be setting a monthly goal for myself…something that will keep it FUN and not be too taxing (because I have other projects on the back burner!!)…I am thinking MAYBE ten houses a month.  If ten is a breeze to do in a month, I might do more…or not…This is a feel good Sew-A-Long.  You do what you can…the GOAL is to have FUN and hopefully by the end of 2015 we will have a very sweet house quilt!

Hope you can join me!  Let’s keep it simple!  Build your houses during the month ahead and then on the LAST day of the month we will SHOW AND TELL!  A few days ahead, email me and let me know that you will be sharing on your blog (that way I can provide a link to your blog)…and if you don’t have a blog, then send me a picture and I will post about it!  Simple!!

January 2015 starts tomorrow!!  On your Mark, Get SET, GO! 

1006369_572009962877578_1829014749_n (1)

HAVE A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!! And Happy Building!~P


  1. I'm going to do that too! I still have to finish my Winter Solstice! I have the homespun out still because I intend to do it! I've done a ton of paper piecing and I use my porcupine quill to take out the paper. It has just the right point that completely removes the paper. I got mine at a quilt show but I saw them on Etsy. They are just the best because they have teeny tiny hooks at the end of the point. Happy New Year! XO

  2. Have fun with your houses I look forward to seeing them on display soon.

    When you printed yours did you remeber not click on fit to page but select actual size? I've made that error a few times and now always think twice before hitting print.

    Have a Happy New Year's Eve in the sunny warmth. We got the sunny cold up here hovering around freezing or slightly below for tonight.

  3. Another subdivision being planned and built. Have fun!

    Happy New Year, Miss P

  4. I like the idea of doing houses but the projects i have planned to do and finish will probably take up the whole year and if I am lucky, I will get them done;)

    Happy New Year!


  5. I love your little house block! I might join in, I have been thinking ahead about our guild's silent auction, these little houses might just the thing to make a little quilt for that.

  6. Paulette I've been taking Tart Cherry Extract pills and it's helped my arthritis. I have no idea if they would help you but they are over the counter at WalMart. My husband used to drink the cherry juice for gout - recommended by his doctor. He's switched to the pills now too and they really make a difference. They don't cure it, but they do ease the joint pain. blessings, marlene

  7. Happy New Year! May it be filled with lots of new and finished projects! Amen. ;-)

  8. I love house blocks!
    Hope to see them!
    Happy New Year. Ms. Sweet P.!

  9. That little house is so sweet! I've got too much on the go right now but I will certainly be following along and looking forward to seeing ten new houses every month! Happy New Year and lots of happy sewing!

  10. Well, hope this is a very happy new year for you and your loved ones..I am trying to finish projects but will download pattern for little houses for future.. Look forward to your blog everyday, thanks..

  11. Happy New Year Paulette! I have not done paper piecing, so this is really a challenge. I think I will try the 5 inch and just make a small quilt. So if I get 1 done a month it will be great. Do you have a tutorial for this? I am sure I can find one. I love the idea of going to Staples. I will try that too. I did download the houses back in Oct! Yeah. Done with my coffee so I better get on my way.

  12. Hey, I have some of those made already and just waiting for the rest of the neighbourhood to be sewn up!! I'll have to dig them out!