Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It’s all ‘bout the …loot?

Because you know I'm all about that loot,
'Bout that loot, no trouble
I'm all 'bout that loot, 'bout that loot, no trouble

So do you have Meghan Trainor’s song stuck in your head now?  I do LOVE that song…cause it gets the booty moving!  Ok…maybe her song is ‘slightly’ different but it works for us!  If you want to get the morning off right you can listen to the real song HERE…but be prepared to shake that booty…

Three bags FULL…is what followed me home after the SALES at The Fat Quarters Shop and Grand Country Quilters!


Spread out it doesn’t look like THAT much…but they are all treasures…


The bundles in the middle are Christmas fabrics bundles on for 50% off…they HAD to come home with me and in the back ground a few prints to go with two charm packs of Richmond Reds and Petite Wovens by French Generals and a big bundle of off white Minkie for more baby quilts! 

I talked about THIS QUILT back HERE…it was in the Quiltmania Nov/Dec issue and I loved it.  Well the kit was 25% off so of course that was a no brainer!  Bag ‘er up!


These homespun wovens are for the Norma Whaley Winter Wonderland Sew-Along happening on the Facebook Winter Wonderland Sew-a-long!  In real life these blues are much darker.  My camera flash picks up all the whites…IMG_3041

So much for the LOOT!!

Now let’s talk quilting…remember these little guys…IMG_3059

I bet I had 15 or 20 quilters who were keen on making these wee houses in 2015!  Well that time if fast approaching…sew…I will be talking more about these tomorrow…the last day of 2014!  You give it more thought…but let me tell you, they ARE dang stinking cute…

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. The homespuns are lovely, and great to get Christmas fabric at 50 percent off. Love the diamond quilt kit, just a little something to keep you busy for the next few months. In case you didn't bring enough projects. The little houses are cute, not sure if I have the patience for something that small, but I'll see how it goes and perhaps join in a little later.

  2. I love the blue fabrics. I think it's hard to find the right color in blue homespun. Glad you had fun shopping! And the thing that's so great about buying quilt stuff is that it's fun to look at and fun to actually use and then it's fun to look at again in the finished quilt! Happy New Year! XO

  3. Ooooohhh.....lots of fun stuff! I haven't worked with homespuns much but I sure do like them. Always need Christmas fabrics and the diamond quilt is so wonderful. I love the little houses but not sure I want to devote time to them but wouldn't it be a fun way to use up my small pieces of fabric. I'll have to give that another thought.

  4. I love those pictures with the bags on the wonderful nine patch quilt!

  5. Lots of good stuff there! Makes me want to go shopping myself.:)

  6. Sweet P, do you have a link to Winter Wonderland Sew Along? I LOVE that quilt but can't find the sew-a-long.

  7. I like your red star in white/cream background Paulette, looks very festive.

    Your homespuns are lovely and will be great for your quilt along. I wish I could find some more locally. I like mixing them with wools and some more contemporary fabrics sometimes.

    Thanks for sharing your new growing stash!

  8. Ya, thanks for that earworm...I'm all about that stash! Gotta use some up in 2015. I'll be making much bigger blocks with it though. Jenny Doan's 10" square Tutorials make lots of fun quilts. I'll just watch you make those tiny houses, ok?

  9. NIce loot--I hit a quilt shop after Christmas for sales--always nice to find fabric at 60% off. Now is a good time to remind myself about my goal of reducing my stash and finishing projects

  10. Oh my goodness I love your loot! And yes, your song is now stuck in my head too. :-o Those tiny houses are so cute! I think I missed the details on a sew along..? Have a wonderful New Year!

  11. Happy New Year! Are the Tiny houses sewn together by paper piecing? Each house would be close to perfect. I'm doing the Winter Wonderland stitch-a-long also. Plus Buttermilk Basin's BOM. Sew much fun! 🐝

  12. LOVE the loot! I want one of everything!!!

    I just ordered a bunch of homespun yardage for the Winter Wonderland sew along just this afternoon. My pattern(s) arrived today and I realized that I have a ton of small pieces of homespun but none large enough for the background. I had to resort to on line looting!

    I don't know when I'm going to get all this done but I'll have fun trying to keep up! Keep the loot pics coming!

  13. Homespun is my weakness, really need to figure out what colors I need to add to my stash, since I always seem to need a color or shade, I don't have, lol.


  14. Love that Meghan Trainor song and think it's great that you turned it into a quilting song! Now I'll have that "loot" stuck in my head when I hear it! Looks like you did well with your shopping!

  15. That song was just on the radio...lol. I am drooling over that kit!!!

  16. you certainly had a good spend. Do not know the song and resisted listening to it in case it gets stuck in my brain!

  17. What a great haul of fabric! It makes me drool!

  18. I am so envious of your quilt shops' tours. Wow! Wonderful photos. At Fat Quarters Shop, where do you think they got those patterns for their hanging Santas?