Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Work In Progress Wednesday…

Oh yes, I have been in the sewing room and it feels mighty good!!   I listened to a great audio book, ‘First Love’  by James Patterson…sniff, sniff…(very sad in that ‘Love Story’ kind of way…)

So here is my progress report…

All blocks cut out, sewn together and the rows are made!  The quilt is going to be big…stay tuned!!IMG_0802

In the evening, I have been working on my ‘Midnight Harvest’ by Primitive Gatherings…


Everything is now stitched down either with blanket stitch or tack stitch using Valdani threads.  (I use whatever size that is in my tote as long as it’s the right colour!)  Now I have to add the special effects…ie…line bumps on pumpkins, vines and veins on the leaves…stay tuned!


Both projects are WIP…and show that Rome clearly wasn’t built in a day! 

Today I need to get back to my painting…ugh!  (Have I told you how much I HATE painting?) The bathroom is finished except for the cabinets…which I am hoping, by the end of today, will be a whole different colour.  WHAT COLOUR is the question…I have been wavering on this since I started this project!!  Geeze it’s like deciding on those borders and binding fabrics!  Decisions…decisions…

I am off to the paint shop…wish me luck!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday and happy stitching!~P


  1. Love the pumpkin piece, that looks like fun to do. I do have some and one I got last year for a table, now I need to find time to make them;)


  2. Nice to get some quilting time in. Those purple hexies are looking fab.!

  3. Fabulous colors and designs Paulette.

    Hugs Diane

  4. Oh my goodness! I never dreamed the hexagons would be put together in rows like that. Love it! Your pumpkin quilt is looking great...gonna be gorgeous.

  5. Loving the Purple Hexies. Bumps on the Pumpkins? I had to think twice on that. Gotta find me some Vandani threads... Wishin' you lots of Luck!!