Sunday, April 27, 2014

Blog Fodder Fit For a Queen…

After P2 read yesterday’s post where I said I really appreciated friends providing me with blog fodder, P2 came through and sent me fodder fit for a queen!!…

You may be wondering WHO P2 is…well awhile back PBee won a give away I was hosting…turns out the ‘P’ was for Paulette…so I called her ‘P too’…which became P2 becaming her ‘official’ handle!!  You can read about P2 HERE, HERE and HERE!

You have to realize that it isn’t easy coming up with quilt content posts day after day…so P2 I thank you!!  OUR readers are in for a REAL treat!!

This is a Disappearing Four Patch done in Midwinter Reds…LOVE IT!!


How sweet is this Saltbox Quilt!


I think this is the Moda Cure Kit…lots of needle turn applique here!!  Lovely quilt!


‘May Basket’ by Primitive Pieces…gorgeous!


This is Jo Morton's ‘Prairie Flowers’ that she started many years ago from a 2003 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting…well P2 finished it  and it is drop-dead GORGEOUS!  I know I saved this pattern…and it’s in my binder somewhere…I just KNOW it!!

PrairieFlowers (2)-001

Evelyn’s Album…another gorgeous quilt that is on my TO-DO LIST!


And of course Primitive Gathering’s Primitive Snowmen which is a MUST do!  Incredibly sweet quilt!


P2 made TWO Frosty Mugs…one for herself and one for a friend!!  What a gal!


Oh…man, I love this pillow…I don’t know the name of this pattern but it is SCREAMING at me to add her to my list!!!


And this is what P2 is working on now…it’s called Lemonberry Twist…and it is going to be dang cute too!  Whew!!


Yup, P2 is one prolific and talented quilter!!  I LOVED each and every project!!

Thanks SEW much for sharing, P2!!  Keep sending in those Blog fodder pictures…and if you do, I may have to made some slight adjustments to the name of OUR Blog…How does “Sweet P1 and 2” sound?  OK…OK… “Sweet 2 and 1”?

Have a sunny Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P1


  1. Hello, very nice!
    The pillow is Live in the Sunlight from Geoff's Mom Patterns:

  2. All of P2's quilts are gorgeous, especially like Evelyn's Album. Glad to see it's on your to-do list.

  3. Thanks Beatrice! I was just about to tell Paulette where she could find the pattern! Thanks for commenting on my blog is always nice. Have a great day!

  4. She has done some really beautiful quilts and I do love the flower piece, too.


  5. The pattern is Live in the Sunlight, I could read the pattern name when I clicked on your picture!

    Thanks for the lovely show and tell of another Paulette. I see why you are friends with her,

  6. Gorgeous quilts. I hope P2 enters her Frosty table runners in the Handmade Christmas Challenge. :)


  7. The May Basket caught my attention right away. Love it!

  8. What a lovely quilt show! I was going to ask you to share the name of the flower pattern when you learned it, but I see your followers have already identified it. THat has my name written all over it, too!

  9. Thank you for sharing the beauties from P2. Can't wait to see more. :-)

  10. Oh gorgeous all of them. Evenlyn's Album though is my favorite. It's so stunning!

  11. Evelyn's Album all the blocks are done, but haven't tackled the borders yet, if you hurry catching up to me will be easy.

  12. so much to see and admire here today

  13. Thanks for sharing P 2's beautiful work , wow !

  14. Beautiful quilts- thanks for sharing! I love all the snowmen!!:)

  15. Yes, thanks very much to you both, P1 and P2! I particularly like the Jo Morton quilt, and Evelyn's Album is to die for!

    My wool allergy is becoming a real thorn in my side... at least I can admire from afar!