Saturday, April 26, 2014

Glynis Gives ‘er!

My friend, Glynis is our entertainment today!  Thank goodness for friends…who like to quilt!! 

Glynis has kicked this one out of the ballpark as she has not only quilted this quilt but hand embroidered it as well!!

Glynis took part in the free monthly BOM offered by Red Brolly Blog!  Every week at Heritage you would find Glynis stitching away on a different block until finally Glynis brought this in for sharing!  WOW!! A FINISHED QUILT!! You mean these blocks don’t sit in totes for years and years until you finally pull them out and finally put the quilt together?!  Now this is a novel idea!

Here is Glynis telling the quilters at Heritage all about Red Brolly’s FREE blocks…!  AND yes, there was a stampede of ladies rushing to their computers after the sharing…


Because…are these not the sweetest stitcheries!!  The quilt is called Le Jardin and can be found HERE…and YES, the pattern is still FREE!  Red Brolly is always giving patterns away…so start following!  You don’t want to miss out!


Yikes…LOOK at those Roses!!  Perfection!!  And the smallest little French knots!


This is the perfect quilt for SPRING…all ready to brighten up a wall in Glynis’ house!


Right now Red Brolly has a free Basket of Bunnies pattern that is adorable…(you snooze, you lose…just sayin’… you need to FOLLOW this blog!)

Way to go Glynis…and way to go Red Brolly!! We thank you! We love FREE…and these blocks are dang sweet!

Thanks sew much for sharing, Glynis!!

Have a super Saturday and get stitching…one block at a time!!~P


  1. Fabulous quilt, love all the colors too. I love Red Brolly designs too.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. SHe did a beautiful job on her quilt, really wonderful quilt. I saw the bunnies, wish I had seen it before easter, maybe next year.


  3. Love it, Glynis! Oh, quilting and stitchery--doesn't get much better!

  4. Gorgeous quilt, Glynis! I have printed this pattern, but haven't got around to starting it yet. Now that I have seen the finished quit, I'll have to get to it. I love everything Red Brolly. Thanks for sharing,

  5. Nice! I like the combo of fabric applique and the embroidery. I probably have the pattern saved. The designs makes a very nice quilt and Glynnis chose sweet, sweet colors to do it in.

  6. Very cute quilt! Super nice work too.:)

  7. Ooooohhhh, if I just enjoyed doing handwork! So beautiful.

  8. I want to be Glynis in my next life!!! Adorable quilt!

  9. I want to be Glynis in my next life!!! Adorable quilt!

  10. Beautiful, beautiful work, Glynis! I saw a couple of these stitchery patterns online, and Glynis has made them look even better than I expected. It is a wonderful, cheery quilt. Great job!