Friday, April 18, 2014

Who’s Got a Birthday?

Normally I let my birthday slide…no mention…no fuss, no muss…but not this year!  My quilting daughter MADE me this year’s gift and I couldn’t be more thrilled…and of course I have to brag, I mean…share it with all my quilting friends!!

Check it out!

First up, she painted three Mason Jars with Annie Sloan paint, then waxed and buffed them!  LOVE THEM!!IMG_0760

I thought this was a close up…maybe if you click on it it will show bigger…this paint/wax is amazing as it’s not chalky at all.  The wax makes it hard and silky smooth and tough! And then put on some lace and twine…SO PRETTY!


Then I pulled this out of the box!!


I pulling off the clear plastic to revealed this…lots of quilting goodness…and a quilter’s best friend..CHOCOLATE!!  Lots of CHOCOLATE! 


WOOL in the prettiest Spring colours!  Ahhh…the way to a mother’s heart…


A sweet wee bunny…


Some yummy Valdani…in colours that I don’t have!


Which I organized in this stitching bag!! 


Erin MADE the bag!  I almost fell over as this is no easy bag to make!  Do you see the partitions?  Now that would be difficult to make… and the lining and the padding, the quilting!  Where did she learn how to do that? 


And it’s made of the cutest fabric…(she told me the designer’s name but it went out the window…I AM old you know!!)  I love this bag!!  It looks stinking cute just SITTING there doing nothing…but looking pretty!


It’s a stitching project bag…Look out Heritage Guild, I’m going to be one stylin’ mama as I carry in my new bag!!


Even the card has STITCHING!  Yup, this girl’s got the quilt bug bad!!


Thank you, Erin!!  I love and cherish EVERYTHING!!xx

I hope you have a Fun Friday filled with surprises too!!  Maybe even a little stitching tossed in?  But not for me…I’m off to the ferry to pick up #2 daughter and her BF…let the celebrations begin!!  Apparently it’s my BIRTHDAY!!  And as hubby says, it’s better than the alternative!!

**Erin just posted the details on this cute little tote…please go HERE to find out more!!



  1. Wow! That's a quilters jackpot wrapped in love. Happy birthday Paulette!

  2. Hi!!!! Happy Birthday!!!! Wonderful gifts from your daughter!!!! She does have the quilting bug!!!! I like your hubbys saying!!!! I will remember that!!! No more complaining about birth days!!!! Thanks for sharing your fun!!!!

  3. So wonderful....your daughter put a lot of time and thought into your gift, you must have been so touched. Happy Birthday and Happy Easter, have a fun celebration with your family..

  4. Happy Birthday! The bag is beautiful and all the goodies. So lovely! Enjoy your day and Happy Easter to you and your family!

  5. Mom upside down is WOW! That''s what I think any Mom would like to receive from a daughter. SO thoughtful and made just for you!!!
    Have a Happy Birthday! The more Birthdays you have the longer you live...

  6. Happy Birthday! Looks like it is off to a wonderful start! Lovely gifts made with love! Sweet! Enjoy your celebrations and Happy Easter too!

  7. Hubby's right.
    Enjoy your day with #2 daughter, so nice to have family around on a birthday. And what a lovely day it is. Hopefully, the sunshine will stick around for awhile.

  8. I have forgotten that we share April as our birthday months. What a wonderful gift you got. That bag is just adorable, never mind so useful. I spotted the Valdani thread right away. You enjoy your birthday 'days' of celebration. How many candles on your cake------bet mine had more.

  9. That bag is awesome. What is the name of the pattern? I would love to make one of these myself.

  10. Happy Birthday! have a wonderful day! Love your gifts! ♥

  11. You are so hilarious! Happy Birthday. What beautiful presents you received from your daughter! Have a great time and enjoy your day. Glad you shared with us. K-

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  13. What a sweet gift for a sweet pea! Please share the name of the pattern with us if you can. You've got a lovely day to celebrate your birthday enjoy the cute bunny and all your Easter inspired treats.

  14. Happy Birthday Paulette, who knew we shared a birthday.
    That tote is beautiful, I love the Tula Pink fabric.

  15. happy birthday !! and what great presents for you. Now that is a daughter in the sew know.

  16. Happy Birthday, Paulette! What a lovely gift. You will enjoy that tote for years to come. Enjoy!!!

  17. Happy Birthday! Lucky you to have a very talented
    daughter. I agree with your husband, I always say that too. D.G. L

  18. Happy, Happy Birthday!! Your daughter really out-did herself. There's nothing more precious that a home-made gift made with love. I know it's her way of telling you how much you mean to her. I'm sending you my very best wishes for another great year.

  19. Gorgeous gifts! I just saw that bag on another blog earlier today. Happy Birthday!!

  20. Can I switch daughters with you, lol.
    A very Happy Birthday to you and I hope you have a wonderful Easter.


  21. Happy Birthday Paulette! I'm so happy that your daughter and you have a shared interest. I'm hoping that one days one of my sons will marry someone who likes some of the things I do - it would be such a gift!

  22. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Paulette. It is my mother's birthday as well - She turned 78 today.
    I love Erin's gift- what a thoughtful talented daughter you have raised-
    Wishing a year filled with all the things that bring you joy,
    With best wishes,

  23. Wow. You really scored. So when is your actual birthday? Mine was the 16th. See? We really are soul sisters. Or at least Aries sisters. ;) Happy Birthday!

  24. A very Happy Birthday to you and many more.

  25. Brag away! That is one amazing gift all around, but especially the tote!

  26. Now that is impressive! What a great bag - that in itself is amazing, but the wools and Valdani - just perfect. She's definitely a keeper :)

  27. What an awesome gift. Love both the jars and the tote with all the goodies. Happy Birthday Paulette!

  28. What thoughtful gifts! Those are the best kind! Happy birthday Paulette.

  29. Awww- what sweet gifts!! And that tote is gorgeous!:) I think some of your creativity rubbed off onto her. And I agree- she has the bug bad- but what a great bug to have!:) Wishing you a wonderful birthday and I'm sure you're enjoying it with your girls! What more could you ask for!:)

  30. Happy Birthday and Happy Easter Paulette! I've seen those cute totes and might have to make one!

  31. Happy Birthday Paulette!!!! What beautiful gifts from your daughter! I love her card to you too. I was wondering if the letters are paper or fabric. I just was reading an old quilting magazine where they made fabric flowers and put them on cards. Just wondered how to keep the fabric from fraying. Thanks for any advice and I hope that you totally enjoy all the celebrations!