Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday’s Work…

…is never done!! 

I’m feeling a little like a chef…I am busy stirring all these pots but there is still nothing for dinner…in other words nothing is getting finished!

Go ahead…look over my shoulder…

I’m big stitch quilting this quilt…three baskets to stitch before I begin working on the sashing…P1240036 P1240037

The Homespun Houses Quilt is on the hand quilting frame…slowly getting stitches…

P1240038 P1240039

Smaller stitches around the doors and windows and bigger stitches for the rest of the houses…(I’m using Valdani variegated threads on both of these projects.)

P1240040 When I get a yearning for the sewing machine, I am sewing these wee rows together…


I am hand appliquéing row number four of my clam shell quilt…(I will be 105 yrs. old when this one gets finished…here a shell, there a shell…but I am LOVING it!)


And would you believe, last night I ironed this top and backing to put on the mid arm frame! 


Yup…I’m hungry for a finish but the pots need to simmer just a while longer!

What about YOU?  What are YOU working on this Wednesday?  How many pots are simmering on your stove?  More importantly, will there be any dinner tonight??  haha  It’s all good…right?

Have a good one!~P


  1. Slow but sure is my motto...these are all lovely pieces, Miz P! Keep moving forward ~

  2. I am about ready to get home to my longarm but not ready for the heat and smoke we are going back to.

  3. Your basket quilt on the mid-arm frame looks fabulous with that red border. Love to see it when it's finished. And isn't that little half-square triangle quilt going to be so cute? The plaid houses and plaid baskets are coming along nicely, and the quilting looks great. I'm working on a small Kathleen Tracey 9-patch today (CW fabrics in mauve/purples) and hope to hand-quilt it. I'm ashamed to say I have at least 25 small/doll quilts in a pile for hand quilting. Probably no dinner for quite awhile. But yes, it's all good.

  4. Not as far along on any of my projects but have so many on the go and more ideas! Love the projects you showed today-eye candy for sure!

  5. Not as far along on any of my projects but have so many on the go and more ideas! Love the projects you showed today-eye candy for sure!

  6. I am liking all of your wip...and yes I am the same as you. I have 1 in the hand quilting stage, 1 in the hand embroidery stage, 1 in hand applique stage and one in the machine piecing stage.
    My attention span is that of a gnat so this variety is good for me.

  7. I especially like the use of the big stitch on the house blocks. Prim style.

  8. A project for every mood! No wonder you have so many, they are all so lovely. Salad and bread tonight, so no cooking!

  9. You have so many great projects going on! LOVE your baskets and the big stitch quilting is perfect! I always have a hand quilting project, at least one applique project, and at least three to five other ones going on at the same time. They definitely turn out better if they have time to simmer for awhile.:)

  10. Never a boring minute for you! So many wonderful projects to work on at the same time.

  11. I love your hand stitching, that is really beautiful.
    I am working on a simple wool project.


  12. Your hand quilting is perfect! I would love to learn more about that technique one of these days. Although I'm not sure I would have the patience to hand quilt a large quilt.

    I'm busy getting lots of pots started but they aren't even simmering yet... :(

  13. Keep going girl - you will eventually finish them up. Remember it's the process your suppose to enjoy - don't worry about the finish. Well that's what I tell myself anyway lol - see if it works for you - my wisdom that is LOL.
    Love your quilts

    Hugs - karen

  14. I love the quilting on your basket quilt. I requested the pattern from you and I have lost it. Would you mind sending it to me again. I promise to not lose it again. :) thank you.

  15. Yes I have several projects on the boil and couple that have been put aside to cool off! But that is the fun of quilting, having several things to pick up and work on when the fancy takes me, happy quilting Sue SA.

  16. I love your big stitch. I've never done it and really want to!! Any hints?

  17. I'm loving your big stitch baskets and houses!!!

  18. It was your big stitch quilting in your header picture that inspired me to give it a try and I just love it. Love the look of it.