Saturday, August 31, 2013

This and That…

Yup…I see another sign of FALL…my friend, Claire has cracked open her wool bins and started a new Wool project… claire's bee1

Isn’t this the perfect Autumn project…this is only one block of many from Heart to Hand’s ‘Garden Quilt’!

claire's bee

I love her choice of mottled green wool for the leaves…and just look at that adorable bee.  Looks so sweet here…not so much in real life!  As you can see, Claire is using yarn dyed Daiwabo fabric for the back ground of each block. 

I will be posting more pictures as Claire keeps stitching!  I mean really, what are friends for!! :o))

Speaking of friends….I received this pattern in the mail on Friday!  Kaaren had a Give Away and I was the lucky recipient!!

Talk about a lady who KNOWS how to write a pattern!!  First off, this pattern is like a mini book!  As you can see, the cover is a large colour photo of the entire quilt…which is usually the only picture you get in most patterns.


Not so in Kaaren’s patterns…just LOOK!!  For each block you get a large full size COLOURED picture…you can even see the quilting!  Eureka!


And the directions are clear and concise loaded with diagrams and drawings!!  I love patterns like this!  I am always saying that pattern designers NEED to treat me like a moron!!  I want more directions not less…and Kaaren has done just that!!  On behalf of all quilters, I thank you Kaaren!!  I love your visuals!


So if you love this pattern (how could you not) but you have hesitated to buy it because it LOOKS too difficult..then think again!  Kaaren has broken down the pattern and made each step easy and clear… and turned it into a a very do-able pattern!  A lot of designers could take lessons from this lady!

Here’s a link to Kaaren’s blog.  As most of you know, Kaaren has had serious health problems in the past…well… lately she has, as she puts it, received another lemon!  If you haven’t already done so, hop on over and help her turn that lemon into lemonade!!  It’s time for a little bloggy love!

THANK YOU, Kaaren!  Not just for this pattern but for the many patterns that you have so generously and freely given out in your First Friday Freebie!  You are one very special lady!

Have a super Saturday and happy stitching!~P


  1. Thanks for sharing some photos of Kaaren's pattern. She is such a lovely creative lady.

    Sending healing wishes to her right now.

  2. That is a beautiful sunflower, she did a beautiful job on it. I don't envy working on that quilt, it is beautiful but a lot of work;)


  3. Congratulations Paulette. I have loved Safe Harbor every since Kaaren first posted about and I will definitely get my own pattern.

    Kaaren is a very kind and generous person. I commented on a quilt she has hanging in her sewing thing I knew, it was in my in-box. Love her to pieces and praying for a quick recovery.

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  6. fabulous sunflower!!! I am heading over to Kaaren's

  7. Paulette that sunflower is just awesome! I love wool...sigh. blessings, marlene

  8. Claire did a good job with the bee. Sometimes the parts are so little that even with wool, it is hard to get something to look good.