Wednesday, August 28, 2013

UFO Busting!

It’s been a hot week for UFO Busting…I actually have more than one finish!! 

Having said that…I have only taken pictures of one quilt so you will just have to wait to see the other TWO!!  Yes, I said TWO…this old lady is HOT…on fire!:o))

Here she is…(you may remember her from HERE)…this little basket quilt was a UFO from a quilter in Hemet CA…the blocks were sewn into the corner of a quilt and then unfinished, stuffed into a bag and sold for $1.00 at the Hemet Quilter’s Boutique!  And I was the lucky buyer!


Sew…I took the blocks apart and pieced them back together to make this little quilt…I found some red polk-a-dot fabric for border, backing and binding and there she blows!  DONE!P1240069I quilted her with loops and flowers…   P1240072 P1240074

And she is ready to hang…I just don’t know where…yet!


Stay tuned for more UFO BUSTING!!  I seem to be on a roll…

I hope that you are doing some BUSTING of your own!! 

Have a good one!~P


  1. I love basket quilts but for me, I rather make prim appliqué ones.


  2. What a sweet quilt.
    Love the flowry quilting.

  3. Congrats on your growing machine quilting skills. Your redesign is lovely.

  4. The quilt is so sweet! You are such a smarty-pants to make a new treasure with those baskets. You rock!

  5. Yep I hear the sizzling all the way down here in South Florida. This is a great finish and love the loops and flowers quilting. Perfect for the baskets.

  6. How sweet it looks. You polished a diamond in the rough. Too bad the original quilter won't see the finish, eh?

  7. Well, look at you! You are on fire!!!

    I'm singing "This girl is on Fire" (Alicia Keys does it much better - LOL)

  8. You GO Paulette! I have the perfect place for you to hang that sweet quilt!

  9. That's sweet SP. Plus another two? What's going on, are you bored or something?

  10. Beautiful! Love this little quilt! It shouts Summertime! Congrats on the UFO busting successes! :-)

  11. I'm going to be working on some UFOs today - can't wait to get some of them finished! blessings, marlene

  12. I just picked up a quilt top at my Goodwill that I will have to take apart and put back together. Hopefully mine will turn out cute too!!