Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Favourite Things…OK…They’re Glynis’ Favourite Things too!

First off…. I forgot to take pictures yesterday at the Wool Workshop!  (insert… head hanging in shame) :o(  Seriously…it was like getting sucked up into a vortex…or jumping onto a hamster wheel….You are so busy keeping the wheel going, that by the time you jump off, the workshop’s over!  It was a very busy morning and time just flew!  I think the ladies had fun…and although no one finished their project, they all went home with WIP and with ideas dancing around in their heads!  And at our age, that is important…right?  It was all good fun!

The new Woolies had gone home…the wool dust was settling and I was packing up… when in walked Glynis!  If you are a regular reader then you will probably remember, Glynis…she is one of the ONLY other woolie in our little valley…that I know of …aside from me, Delores and Vickie at Heritage! 

Remember THIS from Crawford’s Farm Quilt Show this summer…?P1190616

Glynis’ Garden Gatherings!!  It stopped me in my tracks!! 


I remember thinking..WHAT ANOTHER woolie in the Cowichan Valley?!  Gorgeous work!!


Now Glynis isn’t a member of Heritage…but she read on my blog that I was having a Wool Workshop so she popped in to see what we were doing…Too late for that BUT I got to see what Glynis has been up to as she brought her latest finished project!  LUCKY ME!!  LUCKY YOU!


Here’s Glynis with her Favourite NEW Thing…a pattern by Primitive Gatherings!


How many of you ordered THIS pattern/kit from Primitive Gatherings Thanksgiving Sale?  YUP, my hand shot up too!!  And now that I see this quilt ‘in the flesh’ I am SEW glad that I did!!  Magnificent!


Oh my…look at the Travel block and the Canadian Flag!!


Yes, right down to the big stitch quilting…I LOVE THIS QUILT!!


Yup, a bike is going on mine…


Change the runners to hiking boots…cute, cute, CUTE!!


And the GB to a PD…


And I have got a Quilt of all of MY Favourite Things!


Yup…Glynis and I have a LOT in common…right down to this woolie block!


I can’t WAIT to get started on this wee quilt!  Thank YOU Glynis, for the inspiration!  If you’ll excuse me…I’m off to wait by the Mail Box at the end of our road…the pattern should be here any month now!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Oh my, I can hardly wait til you start on this one. Beautiful.

  2. Lots of beautiful pieces and the sheep is a cute one. I remember getting a free BOM from somewhere and it had a sheep just like that. I made the sheep and never got any further.


  3. Oh, that looks like so much fun. Can't wait till you get started.

    What did the new Woolies make yesterday. I need to know. LOL

  4. if i drive up from Oregon...can i also be a woolie with you?? :) love love LOVE!!! I'm posting a wool project on my blog today that i just finished....well, i still have to machine quilt...but...

  5. I didn't order it but I'm sure wishing I had! I even went to their site and put a couple of things in my cart but took them out. I'm trying hard not to buy more until I finish some of what I have. blessings, marlene

  6. You'll be glad you ordered this, I got it "free" when I ordered the summer BOW. I'm almost finished, just got my "words" on the right side to finish and the top border flowers. It was a fun project. I'll send a picture when finished, got appt with long-armer in Jan so got to get it done--lol!

  7. I love the Canadian flag on your friend's quilt. My sister lives in Michigan and puts Canadian flags on all her quilts and her friends rib her about it. I think it's great if a pattern designer throws in one for all us Canadians.Too bad they all didn't do it or at least have a web site where there's flags of all countries for us that aren't able to figure one one.

  8. That is an amazing quilt...so glad she shared it with you and that you shared it with us!

  9. WOW! My favorite things are still in a project box!!! love the photos...makes me want to stay up late and work on wool!

  10. That quilt is screaming your name! It looks like a quilt you would make. I love it!

  11. Oh shoot. I didn't order it. Now I want it. Thanks a lot Claire! ;)