Saturday, November 3, 2012


..STOP teasing me will ya’! 

You know how I am ALWAYS talking about my ‘Bucket List’?  Usually in reference to making quilts…WELL..I also have ANOTHER Bucket List for Quilt Shops…you know, Quilt Shops that I someday want to visit! 

Quilt Sample Magazine use to be my favourite magazine…but they stopped visiting ‘my style’ of shop…so I stopped buying.  They would tease me all the time by showing me pictures of Quilt Shops that I someday wanted to go to…now I have PAULA…she’s been sending me pictures!! 

Paula and her friend, went to a shop called…PRIMITIVE GATHERINGS!!  (YUP…this one is on the list!) ..but somehow Paula managed to take a few pictures…which is a NO NO in this shop!! I have been safe for many years…I would see flashes of store displays here and there on the Primitive Gatherings Blog but never full out PICTURES!!  Yup…Paula has the scoop!!  Thought YOU’D like to see too…please be warned that these pictures carry highly classified information…and you may want to send the kids out of the room!!

Here is Paula’s crazy friend…looking VERY excited!!  Oh I can FEEL her joy!high cliff shop hop 033

And inside the shop!!  Whew…no one is looking…snap away!!  Wow! Wow!  Wow!!

high cliff shop hop 035

And the front of the shop!!  Look at that magnificent wool…pennies…quilts!!  Eureka!!  Paula, YOU did it!! 

high cliff shop hop 036

Now let’s see…Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop is in Wisconsin…I wonder if I can swing the ol’RV over to Wisconsin on our way home from Snowbirding this year?  And more importantly, do you think hubby would notice??  I need to look at a map!!

While I check out a map, why don’t you pop over to Paula’s Blog ‘Initially PMS’(..cute name!!)…and see what she has to share…there might be another SCOOP waiting for us!!

Have a SUPER Sleuthing Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Paula, the men in blue are coming for you. We're glad you took the fall so we could see the inside of PG. Oh, Paulette, I don't think your hubby would have a problem taking a little excursion. It's only 2100 miles OUT OF THE WAY! In the new Quilt Sampler they feature "Say What" quilt shop is in Onalaska, Wisconsin. See, there are two shops to visit. But, hey, you could also pick up some wonderful Wisconsin CHEESE!

  2. I so want to go there! My patterns are there but I need to go there! Beautiful store, I wonder how much money she spent??

  3. Thanks for the feature, Paulette.
    Yes, you do need to take a side trip to Wisconsin and visit our shops. How about next June, I believe, while we have our state wide shop hop.
    As for how much money I spent at PG. Well, let's just say credit cards are my friend!
    Thanks again, Paulette!

  4. I have a niece named Paula and her initials are PMS...she'll never live that one down. Yes, Wisconsin would be just a smidge out of your way back to Canada in the Spring, but if you offer to do all the driving and get Rick to playing with his computers he will never notice! :)

  5. You will need to drive by my house (almost) to get to the WI shop, so be sure and stop by. The trip is already in the planning, right?

  6. Rick may sometimes be a dummy, but I really doubt that you'll be able to sneak this one past him, Paulette! Even if you were to get totally lost on the way home, I don't think you would find yourself in Wisconsin by accident. Find a closer quilt shop, or maybe buy an airline ticket.

  7. I have never understood why shops would not want pictures of their store taken. Or booths at quilt markets, for that matter.

    I know that they are wary of people copying their patterns etc. but for most people, it really is too much work to draw up their own pattern rather than spend $8 on a pattern. And if someone copies the pattern to sell their own version they face copyright issues and could go to jail for it - not worth it.

  8. I would love to go there. I did go to the quilted crow today, but I didn't get any photos.


  9. Was that teasing you or taunting you by sending pictures from Primitive Gatherings? I want to go there too but probably will never make it. But we can visit via the internet and do a lot of damage to the wallet.

  10. I would love to go there too, glad I got to see these pictures!

  11. PG is on my bucket list also--but just as far for me --have to win the lottery first. My friend and I have an agreement if either of us win the lottery we buy the airline tickets, hotel, rental car for 3 days and $500 cash to spent just in PG (for both of us)-------we hope someday this might come true.

  12. Hello paulette.
    Thank you for comment and Thank you for link.
    It has been a great pleasure knoing you.
    Your blog is so happily too!! :D

  13. Wisconsin has many great quilt shops. I think you need to spend the whole summer :)

    If you come, stop by and visit us in Beaver Dam.

  14. I WAS THERE! Just this last spring hubby and I planned a trip to Door County, WI and Primitive Gatherings just happened to be on the way! Shop was great but they were at a show so many of the samples were not displayed. Many fabulous fabrics and a bargain basement! I don't know if they are at "Road to CA" but their booth is a must and yes take the credit card!