Friday, November 23, 2012

A Chip Off the Old Block…

My daughter is the one who got me into Pinterest…another MAJOR time sucker…but a FUN time sucker :o)!  She KNEW that I would like it!!  I am now so organized with all ‘my’ ideas..and with the click of my mouse I can FIND these ideas because they are all in their proper spots or ‘boards’ as you call them in the land of Pinterest  :o)  Go AHEAD check out my Pinterest Boards by clicking on the the HUGE Pinterest side on the right side bar…

As I said, my daughter is also into Pinterest and is always looking for things to turn into something beautiful.  She was in a thrift shop and spotted a gawd awful lamp (her words, not mine:)…but thanks to Pinterest, she could SEE the potential.  So she bought it for $3.50.. took it apart, spray painted it, rewired it with pretty new wiring, bought a new shade…and then phoned me… 

She was so proud of herself for re-wiring a lamp without anyone or anything getting electrocuted in the process!  Now she was on the hunt for some crystals to dangle from the little arms! 

Well look no further…you have come to the HOARDER!  I’m SURE she knew that if anyone had some, I did.  Yup, I had over 30 of them…I must have bought them over ten years ago…for a craft with my Grade Ones…teachers do that you know…  Buy stuff for crafts, tuck them away and then promptly forget about them…only to later find them long after retirement!!  :oO

I am glad that they have found a new home…

                             erin's lamp

Doesn’t her ‘new’ lamp look wonderful?!  Yup, a chip off the ol’block…she is a teacher, you know…just hope she doesn’t become a hoarder…!

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. The lamp is beautiful. You two are a great combo.

  2. If she becomes a hoarder, you can "borrow" some of her's the circle of life!

    Cheery wave!


  3. That's funny, the circle of life! glad it turned out so well for her. Bargains are so exciting!

  4. Her new lamp is wonderful! I think those crystals were meant to belong to hers. You just knew it earlier than she did!

  5. She must have learned from the best :)
    I love looking at Pinterest.

  6. Like Mother, like Daughter! The lamp is perfect!

  7. The lamp is great. I love pinterest too. It is a time sucker tho.