Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cloth Castle Candy…Eye Candy That Is!

Yesterday, Cloth Castle was having a sale in their Upstairs Sales Section…buy the first metre at the Sales price and get the second metre for 43 CENTS!  Cloth Castle is celebrating their 43rd year Anniversary!

Claire and I remembered that they had a small section of Homespuns hiding up there…and as we both NEEDED backing fabric for our Homespun Houses, we, of course, met up! Yes, Claire has jumped onto the Homespun Houses bandwagon and she is madly sewing her Homespun Houses…no pressure on Claire… but pictures are coming! 

Speaking of PICTURES…I took a few of my own in the shop!!  Look at what Natasha made…sweet, is it not!P1200905

And here it is on the counter…I love it…AND it is made with one of those fancy, dancy embroidery machines!!  Push a button and out pops the cutest penny EVER!  Well, maybe that’s simplifying things a bit!  BUT… if you have thousandS of dollars cluttering up your home and you would like to tidy up a bit…you might want to buy one of these machines!


And Natasha is cranking out MORE…ahhh just look at that mottled wool…yes, this is VERY sweet!


I also loved this quilt…SEW easy to make, yet sew effective!  What kid wouldn’t LOVE this quilt!  A plain quilt…add the red clothes line and then make 25 stockings with a pocket inside for a little somethin’ somethin’.  Think of the joy that the kid would get pinning on that stocking and watching the quilt fill.  Christmas is ALL about anticipation, you know!  That and the car keys in that last stocking!


Yup, I’m going to have to file this one away in that air tight memory of mine!  (I wish…tomorrow it will be…what stocking quilt?  HUH?)


More cute Christmas ‘stuff’…


A Gail Pan Stitchery…this one is waiting for me at home…I have everything to make this one…except the time!!  If I could get off the computer then maybe…(hey, I said IF…not when!:)


Ahhh and here is the pretty lady ready…and very eager… to take our money!!  Nah…this is what Natasha looks like ALL the time…she is one HAPPY Quilter!!  And why wouldn’t she be happy…she gets to PLAY all day long! 


Thanks, Natasha (and Sylvia…who was upstairs frantically cutting fabric!)!  And Happy Anniversary… 43 glorious Years…SEW here’s to the next 43 …may they all be a SLICE!

Have a SUNNY Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. What a wonderful shop and lots of wonderful quilts, like we need more to tempt us, lol.


  2. Great shop! Love the stockings quilt. By the way....I got on to your pinterest site and now have repinned lots of "quilts I gotta make". I really got to try wool.