Monday, July 26, 2010

Raspberry Tea… anyone?

Yesterday I got all gussied up (put on a skirt) and went to a Raspberry Tea and Quilt Show sponsored by the Sylvan United Church.  Now this is no ordinary Quilt Show…this is a quilt Show where we get to show off OUR quilts.  Every year our Hand Quilters are asked to display the quilts that we have made-the new ones and some of the old favourites. (There are also quilts made by members of the congregation.) Raspberry Shortcake and tea/lemonade is served and then a stroll through the quilts is in order….  P1090191

Although I have been with our group for three years this is the first time that I have participated in the Raspberry Tea- why you ask?  Well…because before now I had nothing to show…I gave away most of my quilts.  And in the three years since joining I have only had two of my quilts hand quilted…a sunflower quilt, which I gave my sister and my snowball quilt.  So this year I had 14 entries- my snowball quilt and 13 other smaller projects (machine quilted Schnibbles and wool work mainly). 

Let me show you some of the quilts on display… 

LOVED this hexagon quilt…4 inch hexies and all hand sewn.  This was made by a lady who belongs to the Guild in Duncan.  Just lovely!

P1090192 P1090193

Marj made this lovely Christmas quilt 4 years ago.  Gorgeous!!


This tiger was made by another lady from the Duncan Guild…just stunning… (I think I am going to HAVE to check out this Guild…!!)


Look at her free motion quilting…she said she has taken lots of classes…is it me or is that tiger looking this way!! YIKES!


I NEED to make a Dresden Quilt…every time I see one I start to salivate…what’s with that?


A close-up shot…


Closer yet…LOOOVE it!!  Yes, I’m darn right drooling now…


One of Leah’s masterpieces..scrappy style!


Leah’s scrappy log cabin!


A close-up…what is it about Log Cabins…so homey and warm and cozy!


I can see Linda’s quilt hanging on the back of a couch…in a the woods…wouldn’t it be perfect for that?


I remember working on this quilt…it was the last quilt we worked on with our wonderful Anna before she passed away.  I remember she had it proudly displayed on her dining room table.  Anna was in our group for over 30 years (one of the founders of our little group)…and such a wonderful lady.  I think our group will always miss Anna.


Another one of Anna’s quilts…she was in her 90’s and still quilting strong!!  She was planning her next quilt when she passed away!  That’s how I want to go…with my needle in hand…but I want to at least reach a hundred…after all…have you seen ALL my patterns!! 


Such gorgeous work!!


I have lots more lovely quilts…but I don’t want to overwhelm you SEW PART 2 tomorrow!!

Have a Marvelous Monday and Happy Quilting!!~P


  1. I am jealous of all the quilty-things to do in your neck of the woods! All I can say about these pictures is WOW. Thanks for sharing....looking forward to part two!

  2. wow, what a lot of beautiful creativity! i never hear of such events this side of the pond. and thank you also for sharing about Anna - she sounds like a remarkable lady, who'll always be remembered through her beautiful quilts.

  3. Can you imagine quilting like that when you're 90? Bless her heart. She has certainly left her legacy in her quilts.

    Thanks for the tour, Paulette. Can't wait to see the rest.

  4. Wonderful pieces and fun way to spend the day.


  5. Thanks for sharing with all of us. WOW! What amazing quilts. Anna sounds like she was a wonderful person and her quilts are beautiful.
    All who knew her were very fortunate.
    You live in such a wonderful area, with so quilting and crafting. I am jealous. I wish I had known Anna.
    Can't wait for tomorrow.

  6. Darn, wish I would have gone! Forgot completely about it - maybe next year! The quilts look lovely.

  7. Can't wait until tomorrow, those quilts are wonderful.

  8. After all the quilts that you have made this year it is hard to believe that you have never displayed any before. The quilts are lovely and all so different. Thanks for taking us with you.

  9. Beautiful quilts...good for Anna, way to go with needle in hand!
    Julia ♥

  10. Ooohhh, I have that Thimbleberries Pine Tree pattern.....somewhere. I just love the log cabin...still my absolute favorite.

  11. There are some lovely quilts there. I'm glad I don't have to chose a fourite, it's the one I'm looking at, until I scroll down and see the next one .......

  12. Lovely quilts, and they make my fingers itch so that I must add the patterns to my list.

  13. Just lovely! By the way I love Raspberry Tea