Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Raspberry Tea…continued…

Here, let me pour you another cup of tea while the parade of quilts continues…oh and how about another slice of cake?…darn I wish I had taken a picture of the Raspberry  Shortcake but I always hate the looks that I get from the people who don’t KNOW WHY I’m taking pictures…YOU know ‘the looks’…when you bring the camera out to take pictures of food…like it’s your last meal…or…like you’ve never had sweets before (poor thing)…like you’re weird…So picture this- a 5 inch square of homemade cake…(it was really 4 inches but it’s my picture) topped with freshly picked raspberries, all plump and juicy and a HUGE dollop of whipped cream…delish…

So I’ll bring on the rest of the quilts while you finish eating~ P1090211

This gorgeous Dresden Quilt was really old…I don’t know who owns it or the story behind it but the Dresden flowers are sewn onto a crinkled muslin…almost looks like flour sack material from the olden days.  There was no batting in this quilt so it’s a summer quilt and I just LOVED it!! All hand done~ sheer perfection!!


This is Linda’s quilt- above is one side and below the other side!  She is such a lovely quilter…I enjoyed looking at all the different blocks- all hand quilted.  Linda lives on acreage surrounded by farmland so this quilt would be perfect in her home.  Just gorgeous!!


Janice made this Japanese quilt…isn’t it wonderful?


Another Scrappy Quilt made by Miriam from the Duncan Heritage Quilting  Guild…a split 9 patch.  I really want to try this block…


This was another one of Miriam’s quilts…just lovely!

P1090218Another beauty made by our talented Linda!!  What a prolific and wonderful quilter!!


A close-up of her work!!  Everything ALWAYS matches!!


This is Marion’s lovely Drunkard’s Path…we finished Hand quilting this beauty last October.


Another stunner…


Elaine’s husband bought this quilt as a surprise gift for her…made by an Amish woman back east..just look at the work in this quilt!!  STUNNING!

 P1090222 P1090223

Another quilt made by Linda…so sunny and cheerful!!  Wouldn’t this quilt brighten up any room!!


You have seen this quilt before…I called it the “Dead Lady’s Quilt”..a thrift shop find…Well I’d say the “Dead Lady’s Quilt” has come back to the living!!


Another stunning quilt!!


I JUST had to share this quilt…do you have any of grandma’s hankies in a box somewhere and you don’t know what to do with them…like me?  Well look what one quilter did with such hankies…

P1090229She turned them into a basket quilt!!  Too cute!!P1090231

And finally…this scrappy log cabin…made by Anna…just gorgeous!!


Look at the stitching…in the middle of each log…makes the quilt sing, doesn’t it?

P1090233 P1090234

Just love it!!  A true work of Art…and a master at her craft!


Hope you enjoyed the Raspberry Tea as much as I did!!  Wasn’t the shortcake delicious? :o)

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!!  It’s another glorious, sunny day!  ~P


  1. Paulette,
    love the quilt show. I'm especially interested in the Japanese fabric one. Can you find out if the quilter used a pattern or just made the quilt up? I have a collection of Japanese fabrics and this is a perfect way to showcase them and not lose the designs, if you know what I mean.

    Now I'm waiting for the wool quilts. :)

  2. Thanks for the piece of cake to go with my tea.(it was very low cal) Also thanks for sharing the quilt show. Love the variety of quilts

  3. The cake was delicious and the size of it very generous so I took another cup of tea! The quilts are so lovely, I especially like the scrappy ones.

  4. I have never had raspberries that plump and juicy ever. The cake was so moist and the fresh whipped cream, out of this world. The tea was just the perfect touch.
    I have never had such a wonderful display in front of eyes. Such beatuiful quilts. You must have creative water up there to drink. Hope my tea was made with it.
    Thank you sew much for sharing with "all" of us.

  5. Lots of wonderful piecing. I love to piece, and want to do more of that too.


  6. Love a quilt show. The dresden plate that was done with no batting reminded me that my Grandmother had summer quilts and she called them counterpanes. Is that the correct name for one?

  7. Lovely quilts and always inspired to see what people can do with scraps. Lovely raspberry shortcake and no calories!

  8. Gorgeous - love the hanky quilt, I have a ton of those and I think this would be perfect!

  9. hi Paulette..I am not a quilter but I follow your husband's blog and he speaks so highly of your blog..so I thought I would follow along for a bit..love the quilts!!!//gorgeous, especially the ones made by the Amish!!

  10. What beautiful quilts thanks for sharing them
    Hugs Janice

  11. Heyyy, you forget the serviettes (or are they napkins to you, the things you use to wipe sticky fingers and mouths with?) so I can't get really close to those gorgeous quilts.

  12. Thanks for the show and tell...the quilts are all beautiful.