Sunday, February 28, 2010

Garage Sale….SCORE!!

Just look at what my friend, Sandy, made me!!  Aren’t they beautiful!!  Love them!  Now a few years back I was REALLY into bead work…do you think that this is Sandy’s ‘subtle’ way of trying to sway me back into the world of beading?…She DID talk me into taking a class with her at Hacienda Beads in Palm Desert …oh oh…I think I’m in trouble….  I can feel the pull…My name is Paulette and I have a problem….


Back to my post~  SCORE!!  Now we’re talking!!

If you have been following my blog you know that I lead a VERY exciting life (yawn)…you know that I go to the Clubhouse every Wednesday for quilting.  When I go, I drive the truck (it’s about a 3-4 minute walk)…I drive because I have too much to carry.  I have my sewing machine, a rubber tote with all my tools, threads in a jumbled mess, a doubled paper bag from Trader Joe’s that holds my current project and a huge zip-lock bag that holds rulers and my pens…whatever! It takes me two trips to go from the truck to the clubhouse with all these bags!   I have this stuff spread all over the table and I am always searching for SOMETHING!!  I’m sure all the other quilters are rolling their eyes and shaking their heads as they pull out their sewing totes on rollers….(nah..they’re too nice to do this..but it sounds good..)

Well look what I found yesterday while Garage Saling~


It’s a weekend Travel Bag…and just look inside!!


Yup, it’s brand, spanking new…and look at all these pockets..and they all snap off!!  Loving it….  


Now look at it…organized or WHAT?!  Seam ripper…why here it is!!  Bobbins…yup right here!!  A new needle for my machine…see top, left hand pocket…LOVING THIS!! Does anyone want to borrow ANYTHING?…go ahead time me!!


How many things will I be carrying to the Clubhouse this Wednesday?  Yup, two things… sewing machine and this lovely little tote!  Got to love it!!

I KNOW you’re all dying to know how much I paid for this handy little bag~  $1…!!  That’s right ONLY ONE dollar!!  SCORE!!

So on Wednesday when I flop this baby on my sewing table you will probably hear the ohhhs and ahhhs from all the other Quilters-echoing right up to the Canadian border!!  ;O)

Have a Super Sunday and Happy Quilting…while you watch the last of the Olympics…Come on Canada…just one more GOLD!!


  1. Wow, wow, wow those ear rings are fabulous. You're going to be stylin' when you wear those. :-)

    SCORE is right - $1 for that great bag. OK, two bags into the clubhouse - the oooh & ahhhh bag and your sewing machine; where's your project du jour? :-)

  2. Wow! did you score or what!?!?!
    That's a great tote for your sewing stuff. All your friends there are wishing they'd found it first!

  3. Love using travel bags. I got all the carrying cases when I bought my machine and even a smaller tote for my supplies.


  4. You're right, Paulette...awesome score!

  5. Congratulations on a great finish. Your quilt is beautiful. And what a wonderful organized travel bag.

  6. Way to go!! Wonderful little carryall and at the perfect price!!

  7. You are one very lucky quilter. I am sure beading is fun but your quilting talent shines. You can always combine the two, though probably not for earrings!

  8. You find the best stuff at yard sales! The sewing girls are going to wonder where all your stuff is?!

  9. Just $1...get out! that's a good sure have a knack of finding them bargains Paulette. It's perfect!
    Julia ♥

  10. Hey, I used to bead too! Well, maybe all of us quilters did come to think of it. We should do a survey. I pretty must put the beads away when I started quilting. I wish I could combine the two but there are very few opportunities unless you're doing art quilts, I think. Have fun at your class!

  11. The earrings are so pretty! You really did score with that bag, congrats!

  12. Fantastic score , I'd be very happy too !

  13. Paulette,
    What a perfect bag for you- you do find the best things- Your earrings are great
    What a great hockey game- we were on pins and needles the whole time but it was great to win that last gold medal. What an Olympics it has been- now I can return to regular life events and get report cards written.
    Be well,

  14. and she's done it again!! Goallllllll.

  15. What a great contraption...but think of all the amusement you are now denying the other quilters? They'll just have to sew now instead of watching you out the corner of their eyes and pretending! Mind you, if you wear those earrings on Wednesday thay'll be a good conversation stopper- they're lovely!