Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Some People….

..are over achievers!!  Have you been over at Peg’s lately?…she has just COMPLETED her 7th OPAM (One Project a Month) Challenge!!  SEVEN!!  I have GOT to get out of the quilt shops and start sewing!!  My finishes for February stand at ZERO!!  I feel like the poor country with no medals to my name!!  BUT it is Wednesday…which means I will be quilting at the Clubhouse…!! Let’s hope the conditions are good….AND there are 5 days left in February…. Can I do it?  YES I CAN!!  I hear the crowd roar… the gun goes off and I’m out  the chute…I am OFF!! Do you hear the whirrrr…of the machine?…stay tuned…as I sew myself across the finish line!! Yeahhhhh!

This is a sneak peak at what I will be working on…fast, easy with clean lines and fast turns…

P1060532  O-P-A-M  O-P-A-M  O-P-A-M…. YEAH OPAM!  (I think I’ve been watching too much Olympics!)

Have a winning Wednesday and Happy Quilting!


  1. Go Paulette! Go Paulette! GOOOOOOOO Paulette!! :0)

  2. You've got this! I'm in the same boat with my OPAM for Feb..eek! Ok, where did you find that adorable fabric with the school kids in the picture? I LOVE it!

  3. Those look like fun fabrics, can't wait to see it finished.


  4. YES, you can!!!! I'll be back to see your accomplishment(s).

  5. I'm rooting for ya!!

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  7. Sorry I messed up my last message.

    thank you so much for your kind message on my blog about my "A tisket a tasket quilt" can you believe how cute it came out?
    Are you gonna make this one? I used wool for the applique on cotton foundations.

    How is your crazy quilt coming along?

    Happy Sewing

  8. And she has GOLD..........
    Oh Paulette that was a cute post...I feel sure there is a finish there somewhere, you have a very postitive attitude....LOL...Peg OPAM 2010

  9. You can do it - we're pulling for you!!!!!!!!!

  10. Well living in BC you can be forgiven for not being on a roll of finishing quilts. How can you when the whole province is doing Olympics and the world is watching and you are just a tad slow coming out of the gate!
    It's ok. I've never been one to do much either.
    Remember crazy mom quilts?...she used to make them so fast. I don't know when these people sleep...
    Your friend's quilts are amazing though...