Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sew and Tell…

Oops..I got so busy with life…and other things..that I forgot all about showing you what everyone was working on last Wednesday at our Quilting in the Clubhouse!

As usual, the clubhouse was a whirr of activity as the many sewing machines hummed away….

Several of the ladies are continuing to work on the spiral runners…P1060059 P1060060

Penny finished hers from last week…thought you’d like to see the back..she used scraps from the front.  I was telling her that when the front gets dirty she can just flip it to the back…so pretty!



Ann from Alberta, banged off two of these puppies in one day!!  She looks a little shell shocked, doesn’t she!  They are going to be Christmas gifts for family members.

Some of you were asking about the pattern for this runner…well here it is…


It’s a School House Quilts Pattern.


Dorothy finished her quilt top…remember all the little squares that she had numbered…well  here they are and all in the right order!!


Her grand-daughter is going to be thrilled…it is just stunning!!  Did I tell you that Dorothy’s home is about a five minute drive away from my home…if fact I ride my bike past her house everyday!!  We met at this RV Park!!  What a small world!

P1060065   Penny worked on gifts for friends…using scraps from her last quilt…aren’t they cute pot holders!P1060068 P1060069

Vesta made this entire quilt from scraps!!  It is GORGEOUS!!  She pinned it and got it all ready for hand quilting.  She is planning on keeping this queen size quilt for her own bed. P1060080 P1060081

I just love this quilt!


Do you remember the black/blue batik quilt from last week?  Well this week Judy was busy machine quilting…and look at her beautiful free motion stitches…


Judy made it look VERY easy!  Ahhh, to be able to do this!!

P1060085 P1060086 Each block was done with a different design…just stunning!! P1060088I can’t wait to see what the ladies will be working on this Wednesday!!  What a talented crew!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!  


  1. Gorgeous quilting on the batik! What a group of productive ladies.

  2. What great fun. It sure would be fun to be part of your group. What are all the men doing when you girls are all so busy? Don't know if I'll ever get him to go south for part of a winter.

  3. What a wonderful group of talented ladies, so many different and unique projects.


  4. Wow! You do have a talented group! Those spiral table runners are amazing!!! Thanks for sharing everyones work!

  5. Yes, yes and yes.. everything scrummy as Jenny would say.. Love it all and the colors on that scrap quilt just glow.. Thanks for showing us

  6. I need to have Judy come teach me to quilt like that - wonderful projects by all!

  7. The spiral table runners are just lovely. I also made one, mine is red, black and white. I am sure the ladies will get as many compliments as I did. Dorothy is also a neighbor of mine and in our satelite group. Her quilt is stunning. All of them are. When you say "made entirely from scraps" do we ever get to bottom of our scraps? Do any of you ever get to sleep? I'm enjoying every bit of all of your work.

  8. What an inspiring group of ladies! The last pictures of machine quilting are great, I would liek to learn to do that.

  9. Thanks for the info on the spiral runner.

    Everything you showed is just wonderful, you are a very talented group it seems to me.

  10. That scrappy star quilt is gorgeous.