Friday, February 5, 2010

Last day at the LOFT…

The ‘first time’ that I went to the Country Loft was via Ginger Patches Blog (see Aug 24 and 27).  It was love at first viewing!  I knew I had to go to this shop and see everything for myself…imagine my surprise when I Googled La Mesa and found out that it was ONLY 2 hours away from Palm Springs!!  It was do-able!…. Some things are meant to be!!

Like this Pomegranate wall hanging…loved it on the blog and loved it even more in ‘real life’.  It is done in wool appliqué on cotton…lovely!  AND see the fabric that forms the border…I  already have a charm pack of this same fabric back home…SEE it was meant to be!!

  P1050996 P1050997 P1050998 P1050999 P1060001

More loveliness…. P1060002 

I’m a sucker for the log cabin….


A lovely baby quilt….


Now let me take you into their backyard…CUTE!  Picture quilts hanging all over during their annual quilt show in June…perfect or what?!



This is in the backyard shed…gorgeous old quilts and antiques for sale.. hmmm…wonder if that shelf will fit under our bed…?

P1060007 P1060008 P1060009 P1060010 P1060011 P1060012 P1060013 P1060014 P1060015 P1060016 P1060017

I HAD to take a picture of the purple morning glories…so pretty here. Back home these ‘flowers’ are white and grow wild…in fact they are weeds and I fight with them every year!!  You cannot get rid of them!!  But they are gorgeous in blues and purples…

P1060018   P1060022

And these pictures are for Claire…she REALLY wants to make Settler’s Pride…and so do I.. STUNNING!image P1060003 P1060024 P1060025 P1060026 P1060027 P1060028 P1060029

P1050958 - Copy (2)

P1050959 - CopyP1060030   P1060023

So that’s it…the Country Loft.  What do you think??  Worthy of the top spot?  In my books ~ DEFINITELY.  I gave it an A+++.

And thanks again, JoAnn and Kathy, for making my FIRST trip to the Country Loft so special!! 

Make sure to stop by if you are in the San Diego area…and if you’re not..they have a fantastic website…. Check out all their Quilt Shows…spectacular!!  You can also order anything you see here.. online…including the shelf that wouldn’t fit under my bed!!

(Please note Kathy has been the manager of the Country Loft for over 25 years.  The lucky owners are Joe and Sharon Smith.)

Have a fun Friday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. Oh I love your quilt in your header! And all these pictures you shared. Thank you so much. Wish I would live near by ...
    Take care Martina

  2. I'm drooling over everything, Paulette. Thanks so much for sharing. I enjoyed the ride tremendously.

  3. What a neat place. Unfortunately, it's a bit more of a drive for me. It would even be a several hour plane trip.

  4. Way too nice of a store and way too many things that I would want, so bad store, lol. I have to head north to get to shops like that. We have a local one that has prim and some nice stuff, but not that kind of selection.


  5. Yep, it's worthy! Love that settler's quilt. The morning glories too - we have blue ones that cover our fence every year.

  6. I don't think I could ever get enough of pictures of CL. I even when back and re-looked at Gingerpatches pictures. It just makes me want to make more projects! BTW, I loved all of the bathroom pictures yesterday, too. That is amazing what they have in there!

  7. So, what did you buy? Or is that tomorrow's post?

  8. i am glad you had a great time. Cloft is my local shop. Tonight(fri) We had a class w/ joann. Ted bear. You could see him on the wall in the classroom. We had a ball. Good thing you do not live close. I spend way TOOOOOO much $$. every time I go.


  9. Be still my heart - Huge Sigh!! What a wonderful shop! Thank you so much for sharing your adventure with us. I really do need the 8th day of the week - Someday - because Someday I will visit that store. I'm so close and yet so far away. :-)

  10. I understand why you gave it A+++