Sunday, February 21, 2010

Garage Sales…it’s GOLD!

After a complimentary breakfast at the Clubhouse (I think they are trying to fatten us up!), my husband and I ventured out looking for a Garage Sale or two…or three. So what did we I find?  Well…


I found the movie Serendipity ….I LOVE this movie and for only $2 it was a deal…plus there is a Meg Ryan movie in it as well.  Also I really like to “read” while I sew :o) so I bought this CD audio book to listen to. ($2).


And look at this…it’s a huge panel of children-reminded me of a class photo. I LOVE IT!!  I got it for $4…I’m not sure what I will do with it…fussy cut the faces?  Got any ideas…it is a whole classroom of children.  On the selvage it has Finlayson~ Printed in Finland 1978 but is in new discolouring or stains. The fabric is 100% cotton and looks almost like linen.




So cute…. What do you think Molly…is it a SCORE?


I bought this book called “Pieces of an American Quilt”.  Now if you saw the movie “How to Make an American Quilt” (with Anne Bancroft, Maya Angelou, Ellen Burstyn and Winona Ryder) and if you liked it then you will like this book. (How could you not love this movie…it’s about quilters!!) The feature quilt in the book is the quilt that these ladies worked on in the movie!!  There are also other quilts, patterns, photos and behind the scenes stories from the movie.  I own this movie (and love it!) so after I read this book I am going to have to re-watch the movie (again!!).  If you haven’t seen this movie then run to your local video store- I think you will like love it!!  Oh and the book was 25 cents!P1060448

Quilting magazines for 25 cents each! P1060449  This lovely pottery bowl – I LOVE it and is like new (no cracks or chips which is ALWAYS a bonus!)…


..for $3!


An yet another chicken…this one is tin and is darn cute!!  He was calling my name…Puck puck ..Paulette…see, I had to buy it! (hey, it worked on my husband! ;o) )


So there you have it!!  The trailer is getting full…but I haven’t touched the truck… the seats fold down and there is tons of room underneath  each seat!!  ;o)  Got to love it!


Jandi In Stitches is  trying to get our attention!!  What better way then to have a Give Away!  She has moved her blog from Wordpress to Blogger and now no one can find her. I think this Give Away will definitely help her predicament…this is what she is giving away…very sweet!image

Don’t you just love these little mini charms!!  So hurry over to Jandi’s and while you’re there have a look around at her nice new digs!!

Have a super Sunday and Happy Quilting!


  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway. Your comment made my day...I have to admit that I was singing in my head as I was reading it!

  2. Nice finds today. A bit too cold here and usually it is junk I don't want. I was thinking the panel would be good to paint, but you could also use it as a template and cut out materials and place them in the spots, or just over the clothing and leave the bodies as is, would make a nice art piece.


  3. Great treasures, Paulette. I totally understand about things calling your name to take them home. What I don't understand is how our husbands don't hear the same sounds. Selective hearing, ya think?

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend. I'm glad also to hear that you still have room for more treasures in the truck! Tell your DH that we all think he is a good sport, hope he had fun too.

  5. Frame "Finland Class Photo" and hang it. It's art!

  6. You hit the jackpot in your good deals! I love your movies, you will like Kate and Leopold as much as Serendipity! It's one of my favorite time travel love stories. Fun!

  7. What a wonderful find. I love the panel. Don't have any ideas for it but it does seem a shame to break up the family. They look so happy together. They could be your blogging friends - in their youth!

  8. You did well with your garage sale shopping! The Finland class panel would look good as a stitchery, you could have fun with colours.

  9. Wow! Those are great finds. I can't wait for our garage sale season to start.

  10. I love your finds Paulette- What a great buy on the quilting magazines and the children panel is terrific-( spoken like a true Kindergarten teacher) I also love your pottery bowl..
    Your trailer will be getting full - but what fun you are having.

  11. wow,,looks like you found some great treasures..and yes love the smaller nooks and cranny's we can find... I'm sure your treasures will find themselves in a great place to

  12. Boy did you score - I cannot wait for garage sale season here!

  13. Oh I just love your green dish/bowl! I love green and the inside design is devine! It will be a while before we are at the garage sale time, we are expecting more snow, ice, etc for most of this week! I must say that you do have great finds--continued good hunting!

  14. I just don't know how you manage to find these things. You've got some great stuff.

  15. Huge score!!! I love the ceramic bowl, especially!

  16. I hope the trailer isn´t getting to heavy for the mountains on your way home, (maybe you will have to buy a bigger truck) :)

  17. You're quilting is amazing!!!!! Makes me want to get back into it :)
    As to the kids fabric...I think you should color it with crayons and then use it as the center of the quilt :)