Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It’s going to be a Rouenneries Christmas…

I bought this book from the Hemet Quilt Show as Quilter’s Coop had a booth there.  Do you ever do this?  See a quilt that you love, go to buy the pattern and then find out that you have to buy the whole book for the pattern…so you don’t buy it…then you dream about that quilt for days….  Noooo???  Well that’s what happened to me!!


I saw this Christmas stocking quilt made up at the Road to California…it was smaller, was a wall hanging and it was made up of Rouenneries fabric (French General by Moda)!! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE ROUENNERIES!!  (I love this fabric SO much that I learned how to spell Rouenneries!!;o) ) Anyways… this quilt stopped me in my tracks!


The background was done in the beige Rouenneries and the stockings were made from the reds and dark tans/greys.  LOVELY!!   P1060412

So now I can stop dreaming about this quilt and start sewing…. Maybe, just maybe.. I will have it done for Christmas!!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. Great book! I love the sunflowers! I love the spools! I love the stockings!! :0)

  2. One can never have too many patterns, fabric, thread, notions...well you understand where I'm going right!

  3. The stock quilt is so cute! I can't wait to see how it looks done in *that* fabric line (I don't know how to spell it) ;-)

  4. Hi! If you love Rouenneries, you will LOVE Rural Jardin (coming to the shop in March) and their Christmas line! I have sneak previews of both on the blog: http://44thstreetfabric.blogspot.com

    I lost that book you bought in a move and found it again recently on eBay! I like that pattern too!

    Cheery wave from


  5. I was thinking of doing a sock quilt for my daugher.
    Would be fun and great way to use up scraps.


  6. OMG...that is the most adorable pattern I've seen in a long time!! I may have to check it out now...and yes, I do dream about quilts quite often until I just buy the book. I'd save a lot of time if I'd just buy the book to begin with!

  7. Oh no - I LOVE that stocking quilt! I like the sunflowers too. Sigh. Another book to add to my wish list!

  8. That's one of my favorite quilts! Last year I had a Flannel Sock Swap and have all my sock blocks ready to piece into a great big quilt. Thanks so much for reminding me. I must pull them out and get them together.
    I can't think of any quilt that would not make me gasp in that Moda fabric. I have a fat qtr bundle of it stashed away for a special quilt. I can't wait to see your interpretation. I bet it will be stunning! B=)

  9. a couple years back one of the girls at the counrty loft did that quilt (stockings) as a class. It was fun but I never finished it.

    kim fromn san diego

  10. I love the stocking quilt. Great design, fabrics & colors. Can't wait to see it when you make it. Now I want to make one too!


  11. You mentioned the forbidden word...ah...no. no.... it is still em a few months away I HAVE TO DO SPRING AND SUMMER FIRST...but know what you mean. When you see something whatever time of year...you just have to do it. x x x

  12. How cute, Paulette! Are the stockings appliqued? It's hard to tell from the photo.

    The sunflower quilt speaks to me as well.

  13. OMG! It will be so cute in the French General fabric.:) I don't have a clue how to spell that without looking!!

  14. What a cute pattern. Love the sunflower one too.

    Silly question. I had lived in the Riverside/Moreno Valley area for over 20 years, and zip pass Hemet from San Diego to Moreno Valley nowadays. Just how long has Hemet been having a quilt show?? Please tell me this was the first year, LOL

    Hemet also has some great thrift stores!!!

    Visiting from Cubby House Crafts

  15. That is an adorable plan Paulette! Do you have all the Rouenneries already?

  16. That's a great quilt and will look wonderful in the fabric-you-can-spell-but-I-can't.

  17. You will finish it before Christmas, it doesn´t matter if it 2010 or later! You don´t show up in bloglines so I am behind in reading your posts.