Friday, February 19, 2010


Tonight is the NIGHT for our monthly Friday Night Sew In…For me that means “ Let’s Get CRAZY.. Wool Crazy!”.  I have got my little wool pieces tacked on, my threads all lined up and we are ready to roll…AND of course the Olympics will be on!


Did anyone watch the Canada vs. Switzerland game last night?  I CAN’T BELIEVE I AM TALKING HOCKEY!!! What a goalie Switzerland has!!  He was incredible!  When the game was tied at 2-2 I had to put down my sewing…and then when they went into overtime…YIKES!  And then to have a shoot out!!  Well that was just too much for this quilter…a HUGE cheer erupted from our trailer when Canada FINALLY scored…and I’m sure with 80% of the campers being Canadians many more cheers were heard throughout the park!! 


Go CANADA Go!  Thank goodness ‘the boys’ don’t have a game tonight!!  I have some heavy duty stitching to get done!

Have a fun Friday and Happy Quilting!!


Joan said...

You've got a little typo there, Canada played the Swiss yesterday and yes, that was a nail bitter. Thankyou Sidney Crosby for putting one in past Jonas Hiller of Switzerland.

VickyB said...

Yes, watching Olympics [can't do anything else] as am housebound with a nasty flu, but that hasn't stopped me from cheering and crying with every victory. I get so emotional when I watch achievements like this. What about the women's hockey? Oh our weather is so beautiful I just cannot believe I have to stay inside. Watch your stitches as you cheer the next game.

I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

this ALMOST got me interested in the games! Lol, Happy stitching. enjoy the rest of the games.

Elyte said...

How exciting! When we were in Vancouver almost 3 years ago the ice hockey team were in the play offs. The atmosphere was infectious and we adopted them as our team and followed their progress as we travelled through the US.

Poppyprint said...

That game almost killed me. I bet those boys got a right talkin' to in the change room after that one. Thank goodness for Sidney. BUT, can you believe Russia was beaten???? What's happening in the world?

Caths Pennies Designs said...

I LOVE hockey and I thank you Canadians everytime I watch our Pittsburgh Pens play because you gave us such great hockey players, like Sid. Sidney Crosby made me so proud last night! I'm hoping for a Canadian gold in hockey for sure!

Christine said...

I love the quilt in your header, it is so difficult to get lovely wools here in Australia for wool quilts or penny rugs.


Nanci said...

Well all those pros and they nearly lost! I couldn't believe it!
I'm not a hockey fan, love the curling and all the rest of the show!
It'll be difficult to do anything else next week.
Go Canada Go.

Allie said...

They're not showing any hockey games on NBC and I'm spitting mad about it. I guess they'll have the gold medal game but that's it. It's infuriating! And I can't get the Canadian channel with this new tv, either. ARGH. Go Canada!

QuiltSue said...

Well done on the win. I'm sure it was your concentration that won it for Canada. (teehee)

Notjustnat said...

I'm glad you had fun at the Sew-in and watching the game - Hugs Nat