Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Country Loft

This is the sign that greets you as you drive up to the little white house, which is the home to The Country Loft Quilt Shop.  This shop is located in La Mesa, just outside of San Diego, California.

P1050956 - Copy - Copy  Is it any wonder why I love this shop…look at what is sitting just outside the door…too cute!!  You’re already saying…”ahhhhh” and you’re not even through the front door!P1050957 - Copy - Copy    This is the Valentine display that is set up in the front of the shop.P1050972 - Copy

Throughout the store there are quilts and displays everywhere…so much eye candy!!

P1050967 - Copy

Sorry about the glare but these wool penny rugs were hanging above a window…and of course the California sun was shining brightly!

P1050968 - Copy

Primitive displays are everywhere…candles, buttons, painted bowls, crockery and antique jars…wonderfully displayed!

P1050969 - Copy

Didn’t I buy this pattern at the Road to California??  Looks familiar…?

P1050970 - Copy  Everywhere in the shop are little Prim dolls..aren’t they cute?P1050973 - Copy P1050974 - Copy

I love this sweet quilt called Simple Stitcheries of the the Heart..all done in browns and tans…very sweet with heart felt messages stitched in each square…

P1050975 - Copy

This is another block that says~ A mother hold her child’s hand a little while, her heart forever….Ahhhhhhhh……EVERY mother needs to own this quilt!!

 P1050976 - Copy

A Raggedy Ann/Andy Christmas quilt…soo cuteP1050977 - Copy  I loved this seasonal basket quilt with appliquéd wool here and there to brighten up the stitched baskets…just lovely!P1050978 - Copy P1050979

Rugs and needle punch patterns were also on display.

 P1050981 - Copy

Lots of books, patterns and fabric in this shop!! P1050982 - Copy

And each room was full to the rafters…filled that is …with quilting goodies!!


So many quilts on display! 

P1050984 And each quilt cuter than the last one…is that possible?


Little Stitches – Holly in the Snow…


This room was called the Bake Shop…that’s where the Jelly Rolls and Charm Packs were found. P1050987 P1050988 P1050989

Does anyone need to use the washroom?  I’m SO glad that I did!!  Because look what I found….


This is the view from the toilet…Have you ever shopped while…well… you get the idea…now you know why I spent so much money!!



Still in the bathroom…do you think JoAnn is wondering what  is taking so long?


Yes, I am STILL in the bathroom!!!


And I’m out…with my hands full! (After they were washed of course!!)


This is the back porch…the sales room!!


This is NOT over…but I worry about giving you too much to handle! ;o)  Besides it will give me something to write about on Friday!!  See you then!

Tomorrow I will take you into the backyard and share a few more pictures of the GREATEST QUILT SHOP ON EARTH!!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. Oh, couldn't you just eat that shop!lol-such eye candy:)
    Many thanks, I sooo enjoyed that-just wish I had a load of that fabric-but a girl can dream:)
    ~Shazy x

  2. So much fun! It looks like the kind of shop that you'd have to walk around several times to try to take it all in. I've never been drawn to the "Sew Primitive" quilt by Cheri from pattern, but seeing the picture up close makes me want to make it! Then again, I love all of her quilts. I have that small embroidered basket quilt pattern, too. Hmmm, need to make that one, too! Thanks for the pictures!

  3. I really love that shop, so many goodies and I have been to stores with wares in the bathroom. The bad thing is, the other people have to wait an hour for us to get out;)


  4. That bathroom alone is a reason to visit! If my bathroom at home was like that my family would never see me.

  5. Oh my! I think that is the best quilt shop I've ever seen!! Thanks for the tour. I look forward to your next post!

  6. I think I'm going to dream about this shop tonight. I should be mad at you for showing us all these wonderful pictures of a place sooooooo far away...but I'm not. I just want to see more and more.

    If I gave you a list of things that I want, would you buy them for me please? (wink)

  7. Such a wonderful shop and thank you oh so much for all the pictures to drool over. That shop needs to sell franchises to have one in every city in the states AND Canada!

  8. I echo all the thoughts that have been said so far, I think i could easily move in! especially with a bathroom like that! super cool stuff.

  9. My goodness couldn't you just move in and live there! Wow!

  10. Wow, what a wonderful shop! It would take all day for me to see everything....and that bathroom, dynamite!! Thanks for the tour.

  11. Good Grief! It looks like I'd need a week of a holiday in that shop alone!

  12. It takes a lot of time to read this post, I had to enlarge each and every picture. I LOVE this shop.