Monday, February 15, 2010

The Little Show That DID…and then some!

Yes, we are still at the Hemet Quilt Show…a surprisingly wonderful quilt show with some stunning quilts…It was evident to me that Hemet has a very strong quilting community…maybe that is why there are so many fantastic quilt shops in the nearby area.  These shops are a quilters dream!!  And so are these quilts…



This quilt looks muted here but it is just lovely in ‘real life’…makes me want to get out that Dresden ruler!

P1060332  I LOVED THIS QUILT!!  The appliqué work is stunning!!P1060334  P1060336 P1060337 P1060338

What a lot of work…but worth every stitch!!

P1060339  P1060341

Another lovely appliquéd quilt…gorgeous!! P1060342  P1060344

What child wouldn’t just love to cuddle under this quilt?  Adorable!


A gorgeous scrappy quilt…P1060346  More appliqué…houses were VERY popular!P1060348 P1060349

How cute is this Halloween quilt….


Fall/Thanksgiving quilt- very cute!


Watermelon, sunflowers and crows…this quilt is screaming summer!


Another version of this garden quilt…can’t decide which one I like I am putting both in!  Gorgeous workmanship! 

P1060357 P1060358  P1060361

Simple…but VERY effective!!  Love it!


I HAD to put THIS QUILT in!!  I saw this quilt for the first time on Kim’s  (Big Quilting Adventure) blog and fell in love with it.  I looked at it everyday and finally wrote to her, asking her for the name of the quilt and where I could get the pattern.  Do you know what she did…?  And this is SOOOO Kim…she sent me the pattern!!  Yup, she ripped it out of her magazine and mailed it to me!!  Now how’s that for a great Quilting Buddy!!  Speaking of which…I miss having my morning coffee with Kim!!  She is on a blogging medical leave….  Seriously, my morning coffee is JUST NOT THE SAME!  I always had a chuckle while reading her blog…put me in a great mood for the rest of the day.  Since she has been gone…I have been a real..


…bear…was looking for a B word so I’ll use bear!  So hurry back, Kim!..WE miss you!

I got side-tracked…so as I was saying…

I LOVE this quilt…it’s called Merry Go Round and I have the pattern!!  Seeing it made up has inspired me to get cracking on it…LOVE IT!!  I also like the way you can use up all those brightly coloured scraps making it  such a happy, cheerful quilt!

So what did you think of the Hemet Quilt Show?  Pretty awesome wasn’t it?  It proved to me that having a VERY strong Quilting community and a lot of wonderful Quilting Shops nearby is a win- win situations for everyone…including me!! ;o)

Have a marvellous Monday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. Loved the Hemet Quilt Show, thanks for sharing. I also miss Kim and wish for her to get well soon. I find that your blog also brightens my day. Sooooo...keep on quilting and being the sharing person you are.

  2. Everytime I see appliqued quilts I know the love and commitment that was put into the projects. So much hand work.
    You did a great job of the photos of the quilts. I liked the detailed shots!
    The Merry Go Round is so very retro. Lovely.

  3. Wonderful show, love seeing the fabrics used in the appliques.


  4. Loved the show. That's just what we quilters need on a cold, snowy day... Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. So many beautifully made quilts by some many clever, patient and nimble fingered quilters. Have you ever noticed how the bad news is splashed across front pages and discussed endlessly but the good things in life can be quiet and subtle and if you look for them around you they are always there. Thanks for the visit to Hemet.

  6. Thank you fro sharing all those gorgeous quilts!

  7. I love the squares and the flowers on that quilt too -- I've got the pattern but somehow I doubt I'll ever applique all those squares!

  8. Great quilt show - and yet again, the house quilt is my favorite. I'd better make one, eh?

  9. That looks like a fun show to see. and, so nice of your dh for taking you there. :-)

  10. Oh, gosh, I'm SO, SO, sorry that I'm ruining your mornings! LOL! I actually have a few quilt blocks to show, so I'll probably take a photo and post sometime tomorrow--so you can look forward to having coffee with me on Thursday morning--LOL!

  11. Just love the ladybird and the House quilt - what lovely quilts.

  12. I really enjoyed looking at those quilts. Each one a work of art..Quilters never cease to amaze me. Thanks for letting us see them.

  13. Would you let me know what the name is of the pattern for the quilt with the squares and flower applique blocks. I love it. Perfect for charm packs I bet

  14. It does look like a great show. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  15. Ooooo... or maybe I should say oh oh? You found more quilts that "inspire" me! What a great show. I think you're right about the connection between the good show and fantastic quilt shops, it's a mutually benefitial relationship!

    I also want to thank you for the earlier post about Lori. I like her patterns, too, and it's nice to hear that her patterns are so well written. It's also a good warning to us to watch out for poor patterns. Sadly, the phrase "you get what you pay for" isn't always true.