Thursday, February 25, 2010

Slow getting out of the gate….

…but I’m picking up speed on the quilting front.  I have three days to cross the finish line…but I better not get too cocky or this story will be a repeat of the children’s story ‘Tortoise and the Hare’  and we all know who won that race!!  Not that I’m a fast mover like the Hare…and my motto has always been Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

The baby quilt is quilted and has the binding on…hopefully tonight I will stitch it down.  It is a simple quilt but I LOVE the fabric.  The Kit was called School Days…and no I don’t know who made it.  (The girl in the Calico Horse booth at the Hemet QS didn’t know either).  It sure reminds me of  my childhood – the desks, chalkboards and the Maypole dancing…ah the good ol’days!


I got 12 of the little reindeer traced onto cream coloured tone on tone polka dot fabric.  It is in a plastic tote for those sightseeing days when we need to travel in the truck.  It’s surprising how fast stitching 20 minutes here and there adds up!!  This is from the FREE Henry Glass pattern Magical Christmas which you can download from Fat Quarter Shop!! 


And I have finished stitching Molly and Rylie onto my little Wool Crazy Quilt!  This quilt is SO much fun to work on!


There they are…looks like we have interrupted their playtime, doesn’t it…


I think they were probably fighting over that ball…yup, they look guilty…

P1060562  So I am slowly making it down to the bottom of the hill for the OPAM challenge just like the Tortoise… I think I can… I think I can…OH no~ that was the Little Engine Who Thought He Could…oops wrong story….   ;o)  Well you get the idea!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!


  1. All you stuff is so cute!
    And i keep DROOLING over the Crazy Wool quilting!! I think i may have to break down and try it...

  2. Did I disappear? Yup! I froze, was fogged and then sank into the mud! Ha ha!
    Well I've been catching up on your newses and I'm going to put everything into this one comment, so if it doesn't make sense....well, it'll be just like usual!
    Your wook quilt is a treat- its coming on beautifully, and seems like you're infecting, I mean inspiring others with the wool bug!Love Molly and Rylie! And the wools you bought are lovely colours, also the Civil War prints, also the Winter Wonderland pattern looks really 'gotta do it!'.
    Your Little Patchwork Village blocks are darling, I think I'm going to find a similar pattern because just looking at them makes my needle itch! I am soooo not talking to you over all your garage sale loot, just NOT NOT fair! For the children piece of fabric I think I'd pencil or paint colour it in and use it whole- with borders- I know that's very boring but its so lovely it seems a shame to cut it up!
    Our library has the previous Jinny Beyer book to that one and the librarians laugh at me I check it out so often, and I've found it so useful. That one is on my Christmas list!
    And the cherry blosson and daffodil photos are lovely- another six weeks or so before they are out here yet...

  3. You tired me out with all the quilting, lol.
    Lynette's new line is so fun, wait till you see the newest ones. I am doing the punches for those, to go with the new line of fabrics.


  4. The pups are precious! It's my puppy's 6th birthday! He's featured in today's post in honor of his special day (even though he's a pain in the keester and drives me crazy with barking despite my best efforts to train it away - he's just too darned dominant. Those Germans!!!!).

  5. My goodness she is on a roll...there is no stopping her..looking good Paulette,

  6. Love that school days quilt. Sure brings back memories for me too, Paulette.

    Your WC quilt is coming along great guns as well. Good for you!

  7. The wool quilt is coming along so great, and I do love the childhood days one too! You're just too busy!

  8. You slow! lol! you are a prolific stitcher! adorable, Molly and Rylie, Can you finish on time? I Know you can! Love, Love, LOVE the childhood quilt.

  9. Looks great the puppies in there , so cute.
    And that School Days quilts is gorgeous...your not slow at all, that's a lot of work in that CQ quilt.
    Julia ♥

  10. REally love your work. It's beautiful.

  11. The quilt is just too cute! I love it and boy you are busy. Your wooly project is just darling.

  12. I love you crazy quilt, your work is absolutely amazing. So much detail! I think you can make an amazing crazy quilt!

  13. I LOVE the school days quilt - it takes me right back to my childhood! I shall not covet...I shall not covet.....

    The little reindeers are so cute, yes stitching like that does add up - I pick up my stitching every time the phone rings, and it's surprising how much I talk, lol. Love the puppy block, oh they are so cute - you are really coming along with that!

  14. The dogs look so mischievious and cute! The school fabric is lovely and so is the quilt.
    I remember your black and white Finlayson fabric, I have seen school class curtains made of it.

  15. I love srring your WQC coming to life!! It's really amamzing!!
    I love the baby quilt too. Hope you found some time to sew the binding!
    The Olympics are great but they are showing them so late that my eyes can hardly stay open!

  16. WoW! Now that's what i call progress... Love the new quilt and your WC block is stunning! B=)