Thursday, August 18, 2016

More GOLD for Team Canada!

It was back to back GOLD medals for Glynis' two spectacular finishes!  

 This wonderful red work received full marks and was a group effort, as her hubby made the Clipboard to hang it from...Canadian Teamwork at its finest!
And Glynis crossed the finish line before the rest of us even left the starting line...Perfect stitches were executed giving her a perfect TEN for this sweet little Robin pillow...a nice addition to her Autumn/Spring bowl filler pillows!  

Well done, Glynis!  Wear your medals proudly!
(Do you I think I need a rest from watching the Olympics?!)

Have a Thrilling Thursday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. No rest needed from Olympics--that will come soon enough as they end. I understood perfectly. You are speaking my language here. LOL
    Lovely finishes for Glynis. Do you know if that "Welcome Summer" is a Gail Pan design? Looks similar to one I have of hers titled "Welcome Spring".

  2. Love how she did her freebie robin from Briarwood designs! Cute red work.

  3. As always, Glynis's work is perfect. Love the red fabric border on the red work.

  4. Glynis really "stuck her landing"!! :-). Cute projects! We are back home in the US now but while driving through Canada, we could catch up with the Olympics in the evening. Thought the Canadian reporters are sooo much nicer than US. There is very obvious pride in each Canadian athelete no matter their finish. Congratulations!

  5. Gold finishes from this judge! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hey Paulette, can you send me your email? I have a couple of ?? and my gmail wants to use another acct. to allow me to contact you. Thanks!