Thursday, August 11, 2016

Five BAGS Full...July's Excursion!

Time is flies!!  A couple of weeks ago, I met up with the other four bags from our 'Five Bags Full Woolie Group' and we had the pleasure of visiting the Cloth Castle in Victoria!  It's always a treat going here!  There were lots of new quilts and projects on display...Go ahead...check them out...

...Like this sweet pillow with Halloween Hexies!  Wouldn't it be fun to make a hexie pillow using fabric depicting each Season or celebration...As soon as Halloween is over, you would change it for Remembrance Day (wee poppies and crosses on each hexie) and then Christmas...and then Winter...Valentine's Day....Do you see where I am going here...?

 There were tons of modern quilts hanging...

 BUT...this visit, it was the ROW BY ROW that stopped me in my track!  I haven't been caught up in the Row by Row experience... I have to tell you, this one was dang sweet!  It was designed by Natasha, a talented local quilt designer who happens to work/teach at the Cloth Castle!  Loved it!  Can't you see it made up with wool applique?  OR even at the top of a quilt in the border...or going around a whole quilt~!  Yowzers, we have a WINNER here!  You could even put it on place- mats...the car and tree on one, the houses on others!  Love this ROW BY ROW!


 Here are some close-ups...
 Natasha appliqued each fabric piece using raw edge machine stitching, which just adds to the total charm of this runner!

 I think Natasha and crew are going to have to photocopy a whole bunch more patterns...quilters from around the world will be storming the shop wanting a copy! You've been warned!!  :o))  It's just too darn cute to pass up!  AND they have kits!!

Natasha also designed this car quilt to display their quilter's licence plate....SWEET!

Ok...on with the tour of the shop....we got a little side-tracked... but in a good way!

 Wouldn't this 'Forest Friends' be a fun one to make...or you could just pick one animal and make a whole quilt of that block!  It's called 'Forest Friends' and was designed by Elizabeth Hartman. would make the sweetest quilt for a child or baby....
 I also loved their display of Farm Girl Vintage cute!

Tons of eye candy in this local shop...which is open SEVEN days a week...and did I mention the room upstairs has fabric ON SALE all the time!

 This would be a great one to hang in any seaside cabin...

 This Berry Sweet pattern followed me home...along with a few other sweet treats!
It's always fun to get together with THE BAGS and even more so when we go on a field trip!  Thanks, Cloth Castle for providing us with a fun morning it was onto lunch!  Yes, we have this "quilters' thing" down and then eat...and then later we can check out our loot! mean we have to sew?! :o}}

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. You do have the most fun of any quilter I know! I am always wanting to go with you. So glad you are back from your trip and posting again. I sure miss your posts when you are gone. Have a great day! K-

  2. Lots of great eye candy and that row quilt is really fun.
    I want to do one with buildings in our town and make it a little whimsical too.


  3. I like the feathered star quilt. I know those can be a bit of a challenge to piece. I made a sampler of feathered star blocks a number of years ago.

  4. That is a cute row, I've seen a few variations of cars with licence plates. One I designed many years ago for my road trip quilt, I pieced my actual license plate for it. I may have to scale it down to just the car.

  5. Love the Elizabeth Hartman quilt!! I am going to try my best to make that little stuffed "fox" for my great-granddaughter's Christmas present this year--you sent me the pattern, remember!

  6. Exploring new places can sure get the (digestive) creative juices flowing.

  7. I do enjoy seeing the photos you post after visiting a store. I almost feel like I am shopping there, too.