Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Gathering Fabric...

Hey, it's a good day to have a GOOD DAY...and I can't think of a better way to start it off then by providing you with some eye candy!  While in Seattle I was ecstatic to go to a QUILT SHOP and what a nice shop it was! It's called 'Gathering Fabric' and was located in wine country...which means you can drop hubby off to sample the vine, while you make a bee-line...right to this shop!  

 Lots to see at 'Gathering Fabric'....go ahead poke around...(they are open SEVEN DAYS a week and are very friendly and accommodating!)

 YES!!  They had the Blackbird Quilt Kits by Blackbird!!  LOVE this quilt...but it was too much for this Canadian girl...BUT it didn't stop me from drooling all over the packages!
 Lots of Fat Quarters cut and ready to take home!

 My pictures of this Dresden do not do this quilt justice!  It was STUNNING!

I also loved this umbrella quilt!  I know that Edyta Sitar has an umbrella quilt put out by Accquilt GO! but I didn't check to see if this was it...Seeing it in 'real life' has inspired me to want to make this one!

Whenever I see a 'Farm Girl Vintage Quilt' it makes me happy to know that I own this book!  I love so many of these the cherries and the lamb and the chick and the spools...
 They had this quilt made up in big and small sizes and I loved them both!

 Look at those PEARS!!  And the wee jars!  Yes, I pretty much love all of these blocks!  Ohhh...the strawberries and look at the milk can!

This would be a wonderful quilt to make too!
There were a couple of sales happening...these two tables were half price tables...

I managed to find a couple of low volume FQs to take home...


This shop is part of the 'ROW BY ROW' program that so many shops are offering now. The whale row was last years ROW and the tulips are this years.

So did I walk away with bags and bags of 'stuff'...nope!  I hate to say it but we Canadians have to add at least 25% onto every purchase (our dollar is still low...sigh...) and with fabric at $13.99-$17.00 I could buy it WAY cheaper in Canada!  I was frankly floored that their fabric was so much!  Threads and notions, charm packs and FQ were the same price as what our shops sell them for.  No deals to be had...but I did buy a couple of patterns and it's ALWAYS fun to look!  

I hope you liked the eye candy this morning!  'Gathering Fabric' is a wonderful shop and well worth the drive out...There are lots of lovely shops in this area with plenty to keep hubby/kids busy... The area is called Woodinville (Washington) which was a short drive from Seattle and is located in the beautiful Sammamish Valley!

Have a wonderful Wednesday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. I hope you stopped by Martingale Books while you were so close! I haven't been to either for quite awhile, but both are inspiring. I love seeing all the quilts hanging in the Martingale offices.

    Good to see you blogging again.

  2. Looks like a very inspiring shop (hope you wiped up the drool).

  3. Lovely shop! So sad that we have to calculate the extra 25% or more, but you're right, it's cheaper to buy at home. Glad you had a good time.

  4. Always fun to explore. Looks like you've been having a good time.

  5. With your luck, you will find one of those Blackbird Designs quilt kits at a garage sale really cheap. And maybe half the blocks already stitched.

  6. I have seen kits I like, but much cheaper to buy the pattern and use my own fabric. I do like the sale room at the quilt stores, sometimes you can get some good bargains.


  7. I'm from the US and I was blown away by the prices of the fabrics you mentioned. I don't know what makes them to pricey but around the northern Indiana area, top price is $12/yard. I wouldn't buy US fabric either if I had to pay a 25% mark-up. Blessings, Gretchen

  8. Goodness--that's expensive fabric even without the extra you Canadians have to pay. I am still struggling with my quilting mojo--did quilt a couple customer quilts before we left on our journey and have a ton of tops to quilt for myself. Are you enjoying your mid-arm?

  9. Missed you a lot in the last couple of weeks, Mrs. P. Hope you are back up to snuff. Just love today's post. It is always to go on a vicarious trip to a quilt store!!