Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Winter Solstice Sew-A-Long Pt. 3

It sucks to be YOU if you aren’t part of this ‘Winter Solstice’ SEW A-LONG because ‘Winter Solstice’ is turning out to be one sweet quilt…I’m talking dang STINKING sweet cute!!  Can you tell that I am liking this quilt…

My instructions for the September’s Quilters participating in the ‘Winter Solstice’ Quilt A-Long were left wide open…finish or go at your own pace…this is a ‘FEEL GOOD’ SEW A-Long!  No pressure here!  So for those over achievers…you are probably finished and thinking about that border…and for those who like to plod along, you are probably working on those trees wondering WHEN those flying geese are going to be heading south!!

Come and have a peek and look over our shoulders…

Julie (no blog) had been away all summer and was madly trying to catch up…but it’s all good because when she put the pedal to the medal she produced some smoking hot blocks!  A few more trees…four little lambs and she is ready for her border!!  You rock, Julie!

image (9)

Here are Glynis(no blog) blocks for this month….DSCF3886-001

Some adorable trees…a real rain forest happening here!


And the sweetest little lambs…EVER!


…which means Glynis has completed the blocks and is working on her border!  You GO Glynis!!

Here are Claire’s blocks all ready to be stitched together……she just needs the little lambs which she prepped last night!

claire WS


Here is Seattle Judy’s rain forest!!  Doesn’t it look wonderful!

judy's WS

And here’s Sandy L. (no blog) version of her west coast rainforest!  Lush and green…


Thanks, Sandy L for sending those along!

And me…no I am NOT an over achiever…I just couldn’t stand all this homespun all over my sewing room!! (I had stacks of greens, stacks of blues, stacks of red and a mountain of beige…and it was all over the place!)  It was driving me crazy!  Then add the wool bits and pieces…YIKES!!  I couldn’t take it!  I got ‘er done so that I could clean up the mess!  Add tranquil music here…because the homespun and wool have been put away and I can now THINK!!


SEW…what do you think??  SWEET?!


One thing the book doesn’t tell you, is how to press the seams…and there are a ton of them!  We went with the rule, when in doubt and if there are a lot, then press open!


I can’t help myself, I HAVE to say that they are dang cute…NO…DANG STINKING CUTE!!  It is a farm after all!!

Thanks for sharing ladies…can’t wait to see what your quilts look like with the border on…Remember the month of October is for finishing up your blocks and starting the border…We will aim for a totally finished quilt by the end of December…or whenever the urge hits you!  It’s ALL good!!  It’s a feel good quilt!!

Now hurry over and check out the rest of the bloggers participating this month…

There’s STITCHING BETWEEN THE LINES…Pam has been hard at work and managed to finish all of her trees PLUS work on two more BOMs!!  What a quilter!!  Her quilt top is taking shape and looking GREAT!

And Sandie from Crazy’Bout Quilts Blog has completed her homework…barns..check,   stars…check, trees…check, the cutest hexagon bag…check!  WHAT?  A hexagon bag?  Yup…and man is it cute!  Hurry over and check it out!!

Janna, over at Tin Teepee Log Cabin Blog spent most of the Summer gallivanting  north to Alaska…but once home, she took a deep breath and then dove into her stash!  Wait until you see what she created!! More importantly wait till you SEE what her grand-daughter created….the most adorable great grand-baby EVER!  So precious!

So there you have it!  Another month gone by in a blink of an eye!  Yowzers!  How do we slow this train down?  Think I’ll close the sewing room door today and just stitch…and let that train fly right  by!  I’m sure that will slow down October! :o)

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Oh my, that is the cutest ("stinkin' cute") quilt...love everything about it - sheep, trees, geese, homespun, wool...what's not to love! Great job! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I know what you mean, my studio is a wreck!! I'm in the process of cutting out all those little trees so the mess must remain for a while. I LOVE your quilt and only slightly envious of your progress! :))

  3. It is just wonderful, that is what I think!! Such a fun quilt along!!

  4. I love this quilt...I think it is on my list but I'll have to check when I get home. I saw a pattern yesterday called Silent Night...almost bought it but I couldn't for sure remember if I owned it, lol

  5. I love this quilt...I think it is on my list but I'll have to check when I get home. I saw a pattern yesterday called Silent Night...almost bought it but I couldn't for sure remember if I owned it, lol

  6. I love this quilt...I think it is on my list but I'll have to check when I get home. I saw a pattern yesterday called Silent Night...almost bought it but I couldn't for sure remember if I owned it, lol

  7. I agree, pretty dang cute. But samplers can cause a humongous mess. Glad you got yours cleaned up. I would have had to have done the same thing.

  8. Beautiful, naive and so charming quilt! Love it!

  9. I love the fact that all of you seem to be having fun with mixing homespuns along with other fabrics and wool to make your blocks.

    What a fun sew along this has been to watch.

  10. I am so jealous, but happy for all of you ladies. Great work and I like all of the oolors. I haven't given up just on too many things right now.
    Hugs, Maggey

  11. Todos preciosos !!!
    pero la selva verde es lo mas...............

  12. Love all the forests!! I've been thinking~ why didn't I cut border squares when I was making houses and trees?! I might be crazy! LOL Have a great evening Paulette and thanks for keeping us in line!

  13. Lots of great blocks, looks like a fun quilt. I do have a lot of appliqué quilts that i want to make, so I need to just start doing them.


  14. this is a wonderful quilt so many different things to see and admire especially love the sheep

  15. What a great quilt! Everybody's version is so fun!!

  16. Yes, It Sucks that there is not enough time in the year to do all of the CUTE and Fun BOM's out there. Love the trees, houses and Lambs on this one.